About Me


This is me. The name is Crystal. I am a quarter Italian. I am a wife. I am a mommy to 7. I have 3 angel babies in Heaven. I am a psychology graduate student (Masters) and one day hope to work as a clinical psychologist. I graduated with my bachelors of science in psychology degree in May 2014 (finished in May but my graduation was actually in July). I was born and raised in Virginia but I am a Louisiana girl at heart. I love to cook. I love to blog which is evident by the fact I have 7 blogs! I wrote a lot of poems and short stories when I was a child. I just recently began writing a novel. I home school. I am a football fanatic. I love my New Orleans Saints. I love the LSU Tigers. I also like basketball (New Orleans Pelicans even when they were the Charlotte Hornets, Part I) and baseball (Atlanta Braves). In October 2012, I began a journey to lose 88 lbs; I had lost 20 lbs but relapsed. I am most definitely an individual.

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