Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Review: Tapjoy

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I began to play a mobile app that uses Tapjoy for users to obtain extra game currency rather than buy it. This review is about my experience with Tapjoy in relation to the game that I play.

When you run out of the daily allotment of game currency that the app gives you each day, you have two options to obtain more. You can either use your credit/debit card and purchase more or you can complete tasks via Tapjoy to be awarded various amounts of currency.

 photo 13388952_10208211673042629_392487439_o_zpsbyf6r0pf.jpg

Above is an example of tasks available.
Below is an example of a detailed task once it it opened.

 photo 13335458_10208196576145216_709621362_n_zpspqac0fgf.jpg

Some tasks are not worth this many coins. Some are worth 500 - 4000 coins. Those are the easy tasks. Usually it's a short quiz about health topics, downloading and running an app, or reading a quick webpage of information. I have never had a problem receiving my award from these tasks. However, that is where the easiness of Tapjoy ends.

Tasks such as the one shown above are rarely awarded coins. I performed this particular task by purchasing this very domain name. I waited for my 336,000 coins. Nothing. See on the first screenshot at the bottom right corner where it says "Missing coins"? Well, I tapped on that and was taken to a form to choose the offer I had not been awarded for as well as supply an email address. Once that was submitted, I received an email. This email asked for proof of completing a task whether it be a screenshot, welcome email, or billing invoice. I replied back with a screenshot of my order as well as the welcome email from GoDaddy. I waited. No coins were received.

Tapjoy then directs you to download their app so that you can track tasks and coins. That screen is shown below (and don't judge me. Yes, I play a Walking Dead trading card game).

 photo 13351208_10208218030281556_2110625378_o_zpsy6sv6rnf.jpg

This screen shows the tasks opened, not necessarily attempted. The yellow clock means you are waiting for a reward. The green check means that the coins have been awarded. If Tapjoy decides you have not completed a task, there will be a red exclamation point. Many of my previous large amount tasks have this red exclamation point. 

This is where my problem with Tapjoy comes in. Their process seems almost sketchy. For many of these tasks, you provide information in order to be awarded. This information includes name, address, phone, email, DOB, as well as income range. I rarely get my awards when I complete a form like this. If the task says to take a survey, you answer question after question and when you get to the point there is no more "Next" buttons, you are told you are done. However, there is a list of offers on the final page. I never sign up for these "extra" offers but I also don't get the coins promised even with screenshot proof. This is one thing that infuriates me about this service. 

Next, there are offers much like the GoDaddy one mentioned above. However, some of these offers are free trials for a period of time and then they charge your card or paypal account. Some I have signed up for, I am awarded the coins. However, there is another one that I was denied coins for that required me to sign up for a free trial to a credit score agency. This included providing a payment method for after the trial. I did all that was asked in the task and was denied. Just from this task and the GoDaddy task, I am owed over 500,000 coin credits in this game. This doesn't include the other tasks that I am not mentioning. 

A third thing that bothers me about this service is that there is no way to actually contact Tapjoy. They do not respond to Twitter. You get form emails in reply to missing coins complaints. There is no contact information on their website. I did find one email address but again all you get is a form response from them. I have emailed them several times and explained that I was being denied credits even after demonstrating proof of completion, not once, not twice, but three times! I got so annoyed with the lack of communication that I contacted GoDaddy and informed them that I was directed to their site for the deal because of Tapjoy and then not awarded what was promised via Tapjoy on behalf of GoDaddy. They agreed to look into it considering I am very obviously using the product purchased. 

My advice when it comes to Tapjoy: Try to stay away from it. Many of the tasks seem really sketchy considering I am owed a large amount of credits for all the tasks I have completed. I have also talked to others in the game community who are also owed several hundreds of thousands of coins from Tapjoy. Most are from the same tasks I was also denied for. 

** NOTE: I was not approached by Tapjoy to do a review. I was given nothing in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed in this review are mine. **

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Guess Who's Back?

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It's been over 5 months since I was last here at The Italian Bella Diaries. A lot has happened since then.

  • We moved. I hated where we were. Crazy neighborhood and just not worth the money to be there. We found a a nice 5 bedroom house in a wonderful neighborhood. This process took up the first 3 months of the year. 
  • Our son, CJ, turned 6 right in the middle of our move. We tried to give him a decent day despite the chaos. He had a homemade cake and went shopping for Paw Patrol toys. 
  • In April, I went back to grad school after taking 6 months off. I switched schools and am really loving my new school. I originally decided to go back for my Masters in Psychology with an emphasis in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. By the end of my first class, I had decided that I still wanted to be a Sport Psychologist so I switched. Luckily, my first class was a general one that has to be taken no matter the course of study. 
  • In May our oldest, Tina, turned 18. Not quite sure how I got to be old enough to have an ADULT child... We gave her the one thing she had been asking for since we moved and that was a keyboard. She has another year of high school left so she's sticking around for a bit. 
  • I also bought a domain name for this blog. What does this mean? I'll be around a lot more. I kind of missed it here. I may not post every day but I'll be posting more.