Monday, December 21, 2015

The Man Behind the Blog {Vol. IV}

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Once a month, I {try to} participate in a monthly link up hosted by Heavens to Betsy and According to Laura Jean. In the Man Behind the Blog link up, Chris has a chance to answer questions so that others can get to know him as well.

1. What's on your Christmas list this year?

Really? Nothing. As I've gotten older, Christmas has become more about my kids than me. 
2. Did you believe in Santa as a child? Do you have any funny Santa stories?

I believed in Santa until I was about 8. I don't have any funny Santa stories. 
3. What is a Christmas tradition you hope to pass on someday?

I didn't have many traditions growing up. Crystal is the one starting the traditions for our little family, so I hope that they stick with our kids and they carry them on. 
4.  Do you open presents on Christmas morning or a different time?

The kids are allowed one gift on Christmas Eve. That is usually their new pajamas. Then we have hot chocolate and popcorn and watch Christmas movies. Any other presents are for Christmas morning. 
5.  What is your favorite Christmas song?  Movie? 

I despise Christmas music. Absolutely despise. My favorite Christmas movie is Home Alone 1 and 2. I have always liked them. 

And now some pictures of Chris from Christmases past. 
{© Crystal @ The Italian Bella Diaries, 1999}

{© Crystal @ The Italian Bella Diaries, 1999}
{© Crystal @ The Italian Bella Diaries, 2005}
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{© Crystal @ The Italian Bella Diaries, 2010}

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