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Product Review: Flavor God Seasonings

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I very rarely buy anything endorsed by a celebrity. I have never been one to let the endorsement of some person I didn't even know influence my decision to buy a product. 

However, one night I was scrolling through my Instagram feed when I saw a post by WWE/NXT Diva, Eva Marie. She was posing for a picture using something called Flavor God seasoning on her food. I love using seasonings on my food to jazz them up. So, I debated for awhile about buying some. I read through the website to learn more about them. I was scared about trying them based on the price. 

The owner, who I learned was named Chris Wallace, was offering four flavors at the time. These were Everything, Spicy Everything, Garlic Lovers, and Lemon and Garlic. Further research revealed that these were his four core flavors, available at all times. I went ahead and bought the four bottle combo pack. With this package, I also received two e-books. 

When I received my package, I was excited to use them. You could definitely tell that these seasonings were fresher than those you buy in the store. I loved that these seasonings are certified gluten free, no MSG, no GMO, and Paleo. 

After trying these seasonings for the first time, I realized there is no other seasoning I want to use on my food. I absolutely love them and the flavor they add to my food. The only downfall of Flavor God is the price. I have reached the conclusion that I have to keep a secret Flavor God stash of money away for when he offers Limited Edition flavors.

What are Limited Edition Flavors? These are flavors that he offers for a limited time. If you sign up on his website, you will usually be notified of limited edition flavors and have a chance to snag some before they are offered publicly. I have not been able to try each of the limited edition flavors which makes me sad. I have bought limited edition flavors in Chocolate Donut, Cajun, Chipotle, Pizza, and Himalayan Salt & Pink Peppercorn. I love each of these as well. He has released Limited Editions in Ranch, Habanero, Dynamite, Honey BBQ, Pumpkin Pie, and Taco Tuesday (these I have not been able to buy).

What have I used my seasonings for? I use the Garlic Lovers in place of garlic powder in recipes. I use the Lemon and Garlic when I would usually use Lemon Pepper. I use the Chocolate Donut in my smoothies and in my Paleo Pancakes. Then I use them to flavor meats like chicken, fish, and beef.

If you want a good quality and good for you seasoning and don't mind dropping a good amount of money on them, I highly recommend Flavor God.

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** Blogger Note: I received nothing in exchange for this review. I paid for each and every one of my purchases from this company; therefore, all opinions stated are mine. 

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