Thursday, December 10, 2015

I'm Not Super Mom...

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I hear all the time that I must be some sort of Super Mom. I am home schooling my kids. I have two sets of twins. I was in college full time. I take care of the kids, feeding them home cooked meals. I take care of cleaning.

I would get comments all the time about how great I was. I must be a saint. Do I ever sleep? How do I ever have time to myself? I would usually just casually laugh and reply with a "If you only knew."

Truth is, I am no supermom. I cringe when I hear the word. Most days I am lucky to get what I need to get done, done.

There are days the kids lag on their schoolwork or need extra work or just want to be stubborn.

There are days I spent 95% of my day working on my own assignments because I was that far behind.

There are days that I skip a chore... or two... or three.

There are days I opt for take out because it is just too late to start it by the time I finish with the kids' schooling.

No matter how much I plan, the best laid plans always fail. You can't plan for everything.

So, despite popular belief, I am not a Supermom. I am probably just like every single other mother in the world.

I am frazzled. Some days, I do the bare minimum to get by. My kids schooling has to come first. It's the most important. And it's me that sacrifices time to myself in order to make sure things get done.

Just remember that I am a normal mom who is sometimes struggling to get through a must - do list for a day.

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