Saturday, December 12, 2015

Guilty or Innocent Tag

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1. Saying you are letting a dish "soak" when in reality you just don't feel like washing it. 
    Guilty. I actually do this a lot when I am cleaning. I will put some dishes in the sink to "soak", go and do another chore and then come back and wash them. And repeat. 

2. Restart the dryer to avoid folding. 

    Innocent. I don't restart to avoid drying. I will restart to "fluff" if I didn't fold right away but not to avoid folding altogether. 

3. Hide when eating so you don't have to share with the kids. 

    YES! And any parent that says that they haven't at least once is lying. I usually hide when I have something sweet and don't have enough or just want to have it to myself. There are some things I just don't share. Chocolate and cheesecake are two of them. 

4. Obey the 5 second rule. 

     The 5 second rule is non existent in my house. If it touches the floor, it's garbage. I am a germaphobe and there is no way I will eat anything that has touched the floor. And I will not let my kids eat anything off the floor. 

5. Say it is an hour later, so you can get the kids into bed. 

    Innocent. My kids understand time so I can't lie.

6. Rewashing laundry because you forgot to switch it over to the dryer. 

    Guilty. There have been times I have forgotten about a load, or fell asleep, or gotten busy and forgotten about the laundry. 

7. Wiping the dirty spots on the floor with a rag and convincing yourself you "mopped"

     Innocent. I do a combo of scrubbing and mopping on my floors each time. 

8. Ask the hubby to pick up take out/call for take out because you forgot to thaw something?

    Kind of both. It's not necessarily because of forgetting to thaw something. I used to ask him to pick something up when I got one of my awful migraines and my kids weren't old enough to help with cooking. Now I have two teens that can help if needed, so not so much anymore. My menus are planned a week in advance so the food to be thawed is taken out on time. 

9. Let kids run around in diapers/undies because all their clothes are in laundry, 

    Innocent. I hate it when my kids would strip their clothes off and run around with only a diaper on so I never purposely let them do it. 

10. Wash dishes by had because you don't want to unload the dishwasher. 

       I would love to even have a dishwasher! All my dishes are hand washed. 

11. Clean more in 10 minutes before a guest arrives than you have all week. 

      Guilty. There have been times I have "crisis cleaned" instead of just doing weekly cleaning. 

12. Dropping something on floor and instead of cleaning it up call the dog. 

      Innocent. Although, my dog is usually right there before you can get it cleaned up. 

13. Remove makeup before you go to bed or leave it on. 

      I wear make up very rarely so it ends up being left on. But, only because I have no routine for this. 

14. Place a blanket over wet spot, so you don't have to change the sheets in the middle of the night?

      Innocent. I will change the sheets, flip the mattress, whatever I have to do, I will not be laying in a wet spot on my bed. 

15. Wear jeans multiple days in a row if they look clean. 

       Guilty. The only time I wear jeans is when I am out somewhere. Around the house, I am wearing yoga pants or some other loose pants. I wear my jeans less in a week than most people do in a couple of days. 

16. Eat the scraps off your kids plate because you don't have time to make your own meal. 

      Innocent. They never leave scraps. My kids are really good eaters. 

17. Eating kids stash of Halloween or Easter candy. 

      Innocent. They will share with me so no need to steal it. 

18. Say your child is allergic to something so you don't have to share. 

      Innocent. Why lie to them and make them believe something that is not true just so I can eat it one time. How is that going to make me look when they realize they aren't allergic?

19. Put wrinkled shirt back in the dirty clothes even if it is clean so you don't have to iron?

      Innocent. I will throw it in the dryer on low heat to "fluff" the wrinkles out. I don't have any shirts that I can't do that to. 

20. Procrastinate getting in the shower but then don't want to get out?

      Guilty. Except it's a bath. I can sit in a warm bath for hours. But, finding the time to do it is the problem. 

21. Rehearse argument in head just "in case"?

      Guilty. However, in the heat of the moment, I forget the entire argument. 

22. Ignoring text for days then saying "OMG my reply never went through"

      I forget to rely to texts on a regular basis. I don't give excuses; I'm just honest that I forgot to text back. 

23. Snooping in other people's bathroom cabinets.

      Innocent. I respect people's privacy and hope that they would respect mine. 

24. Turn radio down in car when lost or looking for a number on a house. 

       Guilty. It doesn't help but I do it anyway. 

25. Use perfume flyers that come in magazines. 

       Innocent. I am sensitive to perfume smells so most times I rip them out and trash them so I don't end up with a migraine. 

26. Lied about your age.

      Guilty. I lied when I was 17 that I was 18 to buy cigarettes.

27. Lied about your childs age to get a better deal. 

      Guilty! I lied at a restaurant that a child was a certain age so they could get the younger child price rather than the older child price. 

28. Given someone the wrong number on purpose?

      Guilty. I do it all the time when signing up for things. 

29. Peed in the shower as an adult. 

      Innocent. I usually pee before and after my bath. I don't take showers so I would never, ever pee in my bath water! Gross!!!!!

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