Tuesday, December 15, 2015

101/1001 Update

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I took a long break from working on my list. There were a few times I worked on an item without really trying, such as listening to a new band or watching a new movie. But, as for sitting down and really working on the list, I haven't done it. 

As as of right now, I have 6 items completed and 3 items that I failed on. 

Per item #98, "Donate $5 to charity for each task I don't complete", $15 will be donated to charity at the conclusion of the 1001 days. 

Per item #100, "Save $5 for every task I complete", $30 is in my private "savings" for use later. 

I am not very confident that I will complete all of the remaining items on my list. When I began the project, I was focused on completing each and every item on the list. But, I realize that it is not possible to do at this point. The "failed" items will appear on my next list that begins in 2017. 

To see my progress, click here to be taken to the site where I keep my 101/1001 list and posts.   

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