Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wednesday Hodgpodge {Vol. XIII}

1.What's something you wish you knew how to do, but feel like it's too late to learn?

There's a lot of things I wished I knew how to do. Speak Italian is one, but it's not too late for that. I wish I knew how to sing but I don't have the natural talent for that. Maybe dance? It's probably too late to learn that at my age. 

2. Your least favorite thing to shop for? Why?

Anything! I swear I hate to shop. Grocery shopping is the worst. People seem to lose all common sense when they get to the grocery store. I really prefer to shop online and even then sometimes I hate it. 

3. How has the celebration of Thanksgiving today changed from when you were growing up?

When I was growing up we learned about the First Thanksgiving in school and had a Thanksgiving play where half of us were pilgrims and the other half were Indians. Then on Thanksgiving, we visited family and ate a meal and spent time together. Now, I'm not sure what is learned in school about the First Thanksgiving. I home school so of course my kids learn about it. People eat a quick meal then start planning their Thanksgiving Night/Black Friday shopping plans. It has become more about buying stuff than about family. This saddens me. As for my little family, we eat the traditional meal at home, watch football/TV, and keep our butts at home until Friday night. No Thanksgiving Night/Black Friday shopping for this girl. 

4. What's something that when other people see it, reminds them of you? Explain.

Hmmm.... I'm going to say Pepperoni Pizza Lunchable. Back when I was around 18 or 19 me and my best friend, the other Crystal, would buy them late at night for a snack. I guess she would remember me by that. I'm sure there is a million other things that could go here, but I am really drawing a blank. 

5. If you could guest star in a TV show, what would it be and why?

The Walking Dead. I already have the story line planned out. But, I can't write it here or someone might steal it. :) However, it would be an awesome story line, I promise!

6. Have you ever farmed or spent any time on a farm? Are there farm stands in your little corner of the world and do you make it a point to shop there? If so, what item do you particularly like to buy from a roadside stand or farm shop?

I grew up on a "farm". I use quotations because it wasn't a true farm. There were no cows or pigs. My great - uncle who lived on the property did raise chickens. The extent of farming was just planting/harvesting crops. The highlight of my poor, simple, little life was getting off the school bus and then riding on the tractors/combines with my Granddaddy. My uncle and dad did the farming thing too when I was little. But by the time I was getting ready to be a teen they chose different careers. 

We have a fabulous farmers market where I live. I love shopping there. I would really like to find a local farm that has grass - fed beef and free - range chicken for a good price as well as organic produce. I would really give them business. I prefer my meats/produce this way. 

7. What's something you've experienced recently that made you feel a sense of awe or wonder?

Listening to my children as they learn and explore. I am always amazed on what they seem to learn on their own, the ideas they dream up, etc. I guess I have a sense of awe that I helped create these fabulous little humans and teach/guide them. 

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

Gone With the Wind is playing on AMC today. This is my favorite movie of all time. I will definitely be watching; despite my kids not wanting to. I absolutely love this movie!


Cathy said...

Hi. I'm visiting from the Hodgepodge. I enjoyed your post and I love Gone With The Wind too. Hope you enjoy watching it and hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.

Mama Squirrel said...

I stayed up most of the night once with a teething baby, and GWTW happened to be on the TV...I don't remember if the movie outlasted the baby, or the other way around.