Friday, November 20, 2015

The Man Behind the Blog {Vol. III}

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Once a month, I {try to} participate in a monthly link up hosted by Heavens to Betsy and According to Laura Jean. In the Man Behind the Blog link up, Chris has a chance to answer questions so that others can get to know him as well. 
1. What sports did you participate in as a child? What sports did you watch growing up?

I participated in basketball, baseball, and bowling. I continued the bowling through adulthood. 
I watched football, baseball, basketball, bowling, NASCAR, and a little hockey. I still watch most of them whenever I can. 
{Blogger Edit: I even know his favorites. ;) Football is New Orleans Saints for pro and University of Miami Hurricanes for college; baseball is Atlanta Braves; basketball is Chicago Bulls; NASCAR is Jimmie Johnson; hockey is Detroit Red Wings. I'm one of those weird women who loves to watch sports myself}
2. If you could line up your ideal Super Bowl, who would be facing off, where would they play and who would you pick to win?

Saints vs Patriots in Foxboro. Saints for the win. I want to see the Saints beat the Patriots in their house just because it is the Patriots' house.
{Blogger edit: He says it'd be a blowout if he had his way, like 49 - 0.} 

3. Do you prefer the summer or winter Olympics? If you could participate in one Olympic sport, what would it be?

Summer if I had to pick one. If I had to participate in an Olympic sport it would be basketball. 
{Blogger edit: We're not really Olympic people. Although I think it would be hilarious to see him participate in curling.}

4. What is your favorite food to eat at a sports party (ex: World Series, Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, etc.)?

It's gotta be pizza. 
{Blogger edit: I thought for sure he'd say chicken wings.}

5. Who is your all time favorite athlete and why?

Michael Jordan. Because he just is. 
{Blogger edit: I knew he was going to say Jordan. But all I could get out of him for the reason was literally 'Because he is'.}


Rebekah @ Chronicles from the Peanut Gallery said...

You do a much better job listing his favorite teams. I can't ever keep up with my hubby's favorites.

Evelina said...

I am so impressed! You knew all of his teams!