Thursday, November 12, 2015

Never Forget Where You Came From...

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"Never forget where you came from."

I hear this said all the time.

But, truth be told. I want to forget where I came from. I come from a small town, city, depends on the year we're talking about. But, in all honesty, I hate it. When I was younger and in high school, I kept saying "I'll live here forever. This is who I am."

I left there seven years ago. And you know what? I learned that place is toxic. That place is like a leech sucking everything out of you. I couldn't see it until I was out. It's like you're brainwashed while you're there.

Do I miss my family? Absolutely! Do I miss my friends? Yes! But, do I want to live there? Not in a million years.

Recently something happened back home that I watched unfold on the ultimate dirty laundry site - Facebook. I was appalled by the situation. I was saddened by the way the situation was handled. But, it all reminded me why I left there.

These days when I meet new people and they ask where I'm from, I never answer "Franklin, Virginia." My answer is usually "Houma, Louisiana." I claim another place as where I'm from.

I was once the one who said that I hope that people never forget where they came from when they became famous. But sometimes when I look at my own hometown, I understand why some do choose to forget. I know that the majority of the time I choose to forget.

Maybe it's not always healthy to associate yourself with where you come from. And maybe if it comes down to someone being mentally healthy by associating themselves to some other place, then maybe that's what they should do.

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Julia Hunter said...

I can understand that feeling. I always wanted to leave my hometown and I always joke with my friends that you can take the girl out of XXXx city but you can't take XXXx city out of the girl. I've come to appreciate my hometown but there are times I don't want to be associated with it or go back to it.