Friday, November 27, 2015

Invite Me to One More Online Party...

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There has been a huge boom in "direct sales businesses". I guess that's a good thing for those who sell these items and rely on its income. But, why is harassing me about products and online parties a thing? I mean asking me, "Hey, Crystal! Are you interested in buying Product XYZ?" is ok. But, if I say "No." Then that should be it. 

But, when I wake up and see I have been added to several different online parties and then they have proceeded to post several messages in those parties, I am annoyed. A lot. I wasn't even invited just automatically added. 

I don't take to well to having my freedom of choice taken from me. And what is worse is that I once took myself out of one of these parties and they added me right back! I mean, really??

Now, I have some friends that do sell these various products. And those people have not all treated me this way. But, some have. And I don't want to end my friendships over a stupid party... or two... or three. 

But, I don't use ItWorks, Younique, Jamberry, Origami Owl, or anything else. That should be enough reason to not add me to online parties.

Even when I say "I'm sorry, I don't use Product XYZ and have no interest in the product", I still get invites or added.

The ItWorks complaint is completely different. There are no parties per say. But there is a bombardment of pictures and ads on facebook and instagram. Sometimes scrolling through the insane amount of posts just to see what's going on in my friends' lives is crazy. I'm your friend BECAUSE I WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND. I want to hop on facebook and see your kids, your dog, even what you had for dinner. Not how ItWorks worked for random people I don't know.

I'll like your "business" pages. I'll share your name with someone who mentions they are looking for a representative for a particular item. But, that doesn't mean I want to be added to ten different parties a week and recieve hundreds of notifications before I realize I am in all these "parties". 

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