Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Halloween 2015

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We are not a big Halloween family. At least, we weren't. But now, I think Halloween is one of our favorites now. Not sure how the change occurred but suddenly we are all into the holiday. About two weeks before Halloween, the kids decided that they wanted to dress up and attend the home school group holiday party. I searched around and found some other events like trunk - or - treats and we went to see some friends and trick - or - treat around their neighborhood. 

So, we compiled a list of what each child wanted to be and planned how to pull it off for the best price. For all 7 kids I spent $175. I feel like I did a pretty good job. I'm going from youngest to oldest below. 

CJ as Military Man

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{© Crystal @ The Italian Bella Diaries, 2015}

CJ's costume was the easiest and cheapest to put together. 

Shirt and Pants - $0 (Already Owned)
Beanie Hat - $1 (Dollar General)
Camo Bookbag - $1 (on sale at Dollar General)
Gun - $8 (Dollar General)
Knife - $3.99 (Party City)
Face Paint - $2.99 (Party City)
Total - $16.98

Court as a Bride
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Court kept changing her mind between ideas. At first she wanted to be Dora the Explorer. Then a zoologist. I was having trouble finding the stuff for the zoologist outfit. I was going to begin searching for the Dora outfit when I passed this child - size veil at Party City. When I asked her if she wanted to be a bride instead, she quickly said yes. 

White Dress - $2.79 (Goodwill store)
Veil - $9.99 (Party City)
Flower Bouquet - $7 (Dollar Tree; I bought the flowers and ribbon and put it together myself)
Ring - $3 (Dollar General)
Total - $22.78

Chey as Beth from The Walking Dead

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{Photos © Crystal @ The Italian Bella Diaries, 2015}

Chey really wanted to be Beth from the Walking Dead. After deciding she wanted to be the Beth from Season 4 when she was with Daryl, I set out to put her outfit together. I wanted to find the majority of her outfit from the Goodwill store since I would be ripping the jeans and smearing fake blood on the shirt. The sweater I ended up finding had faux fur around the collar but we tucked it under. She carried one of CJ's small toy knives since Beth's weapon of choice was usually a knife. 

Jeans - $2.79 (Goodwill Store)
Yellow shirt - $1.79 (Goodwill Store)
Sweater - $10.99 (Ross)
Fake Blood - $1.99 (Party City)
Total - $17.56

Charlee as an Angel

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Charlee's costume was a Party City costume. If I had began costume hunting earlier, I would have put it together myself because I hate those pre - made costumes. I was also finishing up my last weeks of a class in grad school and had no time to really piece together each costume. I bought a pair of leggings for her to wear under it since it was see - through. 

Angel Costume (dress and halo) - $9.99 (Party City)
Angel Wings - $6.99 (Party City)
White Leggings - $3.67 (Walmart)
Total - $20.65

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We were going for the good conscience/bad conscience thing here since they are twins.

Caitie as a Devil

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Caitie's costume was also a Party City costume. I could've done much better had I had more time. But, hey, it is what it is. I also bought her a pair of red leggings to wear under the dress. 

Devil Costume (dress, collar, belt, and horns) - $9.99 (Party City)
Pitchfork - $3.99 (Party City)
Red Leggings - $3.67 (Walmart)
Total - $17.65

Carly as Maggie from The Walking Dead

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Maggie, and the actress that portrays her (Lauren Cohan), are Carly's idols. Buying her costume wasn't as easy as it seems. She wanted boots like the picture of Maggie but that wasn't in the budget. I made the "gun holster" using cardboard, fabric, nylon straps, and parachute hooks. I used the tutorial from here as a basis.  She used one of CJ's toy guns. 

Jeans - $3.99 (Thrift store)
Burgundy T-shirt - $8.97 (Walmart)
Belt - $3.99 (Thrift Store)
Knife - $5.99 (Party City)
"Gun Holster" - $6.44
Total - $29.38

Tina as a 1920's Flapper

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{© Crystal @ The Italian Bella Diaries, 2015}

Tina's was the most expensive and bought completely at Party City. She wore one of my sweater because it was a little chilly. I wished I could've found a dress in a thrift store or vintage shop, but again time was a factor. 

Flapper dress and headpiece - $29.99
Gloves (came with a rhinestone bracelet) - $9.99
Pearl Bracelet - $3.99
Pearl necklace - $2.99
Ring - $2.99
Total - $49.95

I like how all the kids all looked. I especially like how the ones I put together came out looking despite the time constraint. We have already started planning next year's Halloween. This way we can be looking throughout the year for the items we need and the majority of the costumes will be "homemade" rather than pre - made from a store. 

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