Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wednesday Hodgepodge {Vol. VIII}

1. What's something that has recently 'tried your patience'?

Oh, word. In one word? Kids! They worked my nerves yesterday. I love them dearly but my goodness they wanted to walk that very thin line. 

2. Do you think patience comes to us naturally or is it something you have to learn as you grow? On a scale of 1-10 generally how patient are you? (1=I blow up at the drop of a hat and 10=I've got all the time in the world).

I'm a psychology grad student. I'm all about the nature vs nurture debate. I tend to lean more towards patience being innate. My patience level is around 1 or 2. I am not a very patient person at all. 

3. Share about a time when you felt like you could fly. Or a time you wished you could fly. Or a time you felt like you were flying.

Ummm... when I was having my c-section? I actually felt like I was floating/flying. Creepy feeling. 

4. Your favorite song with the word fly in the title or lyrics, or your favorite song that relates to flying in some way?

Well, it doesn't specifically say fly but it has "soar above the sky" in the lyrics. 

5. What's in your fall picnic basket and where are we picnicking in your neck of the woods this time of year?

I would usually say salami, cheese, and crackers along with some fruit. But, since I can't eat crackers anymore, I guess everything I listed except those. I'm not big on picnics, honestly.

There are several parks around my city that offer picnic spaces. Any one of those would work out great.

6.  Carpentry, electrical, plumbing, landscaping...which skill would you most like to possess and how would you put that skill to use today?

I honestly do not desire any of those skills. That's what the yellow pages are for. :) My dad can do electrical, my husband can do construction (and I've even helped with that), so I am going to say landscaping. I would use it to fix up the jacked up landscaping around my complex. Although it doesn't matter to me, I'll be leaving here soon!

7. What's something you think is too expensive to justify buying lately?

Almost anything non-essential at this point. Um, probably a new football jersey. The player whose jersey I buy usually gets released/traded within a year...

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I have two weeks left in my current class. Then I am on a long break for six months. I have a list of things to get done in that time and the list just keeps growing. But, I am excited for this break. I really need it. I should have taken a longer break between my bachelors and masters degrees, but I didn't and now I am paying for it. 


Paula Kaye said...

Greetings from Kansas! I am your link neighbor. Loved coming to visit you today and wander around your blog a bit. It's like I was meant to come here because I am contemplating doing 101/1001! Hope the kiddos are not tramping on your patience today

Denise said...

enjoyed your answers

Meester Uttley said...

Just one more big push for me too, in school, for now. We can do it!