Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Wednesday Hodgepodge {Vol. VII}

1. It's October so let's get this out there first thing...have you jumped on the all-things-pumpkin bandwagon? How so?

No. I don't really like pumpkin. However, I will be trying a pumpkin smoothie recipe I saw a few weeks ago.

2.  "We have more power than will; and it is often by way of excuse to ourselves that we fancy things are impossible." Francois Duc De la Rochefoucauld  

What's something you once thought impossible, but in hindsight see as more a matter of lack of will?

I'm not really sure. There's hardly anything I think is impossible. Things that seem to be impossible for me are impossible for reasons other than lack of will (like singing. I don't have the talent so it's not a lack of will but rather a lack of talent). Right now it is because of lack of will that I'm not doing better in school. 

3. The rose is America's National Flower, but every state also has its own (click here to see the list). Are you happy with yours? If you were in charge what would you declare your state's flower? If you're outside the U.S. what bloom would you like to see labeled as your country's national flower?

I was born in Virginia and the state flower is Dogwood. I love Dogwoods because they were my grandfather's favorite flower. 

I call Louisiana my home in my heart. The state flower there is the Magnolia. Again, this is one of my favorite flowers.

I currently live in North Carolina. The state flower is also the Dogwood. Since I love this flower, I am fine with it. 

I would not change these 3 state flowers. I also like roses so I am happy with our nation's flower. 

4. What have you lost interest in recently?

School. I am really having an issue with grad school. It's not that I don't love psychology anymore because that is the furthest thing from the truth. I think it's just my school has made me resent being in school. 

5. In your opinion, who's the best living musician?

The best living? Oh, gosh. I don't know, Every name I come up with is dead. I loved Elvis and Louis Armstrong. I'm going to go with Kermit Ruffins, I guess. 

6. S'mores-love 'em or no? Ever make them indoors? Last time you sat around an outdoor fire? Are making s'mores and sitting round a fire pit on your autumn bucket list? Do you have an autumn bucket list?

I loved them growing up. I'm not much of a junk food eater these days. I would have to use gluten free graham crackers but, honestly, s'mores does sound good right now. I made some stove top s'mores back when I was a preteen at a sleepover. It has been a long time since I sat around an outdoor fire. I want to say March of 2000. There was a bonfire at my grandparents' 50th anniversary party. I do not have an autumn bucket list. 

7. Your favorite small town? Why?

Grand Isle, Louisiana. It's where I go to sit on the Gulf and clear my head. Or at least where I did when I was in La. Would love to go back. 

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8. Insert your own random thought here.

My daughters, Chey and Court, turn 8 this weekend. Where has the time gone? They were just babies when I started my first blog (that I got locked out of so I started this one). 

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Joyce said...

It's nice to see you in the Hodgepodge this week. Happy birthday to your girls! Such a fun age! I am a big fan of the Dogwood too, and we've always had at least one tree in every yard we've called home.