Monday, February 2, 2015

Pinterest Tag

Tag Questions:

1. How many pins do you currently have?
  • 2.803      
2. How many boards do you have?
  • 103
3. How many Pinterest followers do you have?
  • 277
4. What is the general theme for how you use, crafts, motivation, decor ideas, etc.?
  • It's completely random. Recipes, crafts, design ideas, favorite things, memories. My Pinterest has it all.
5. Do you utilize Pinterest to help boost traffic to your blog/vlog?
  • No. 
6. Do you pin to any community boards?
  • No. But I have been asked to pin to a Health and Fitness board and a Humor board. 
7. Do you have any Pinterest pet peeves?
  • Just when the pinned image and description is awesome, but clicking on the pin leads no where. 
8. What is your favorite board to pin to?
  • Food
9. What is your favorite pin that you have completed?
  • Not really sure. I haven't done any crafty type things. So, it would have to be a recipe pin. 
10. Do you Pinterest stalk anyone?
  • No.
11. Do you utilize secret boards? If so, for what?
  • Yes. I have one that has my weekly recipes in them. I also have one that has personal things that I wanted to remember to look at and save. 
12. Have you attended a real life Pinterest party?
  • No. 
13. What is one thing you'd change about Pinterest if you could?
  • Not sure. 
14. What is one Pinterest tip you have?
  • Double check pins when posting them. Make sure they lead somewhere. 
15. Tag 3 fellow pinners.
  • I'm not tagging anyone. If you want to do it, then feel free. 

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