Thursday, February 12, 2015

Organization: To-Do Lists and Bills

I get asked frequently how I stay organized. There is a method to my madness. I don't know if any of this will work for anyone else, but this is what works for me. 

My method of organization will be divided into four sections:
  1. To - Do Lists and Bills
  2. Cleaning
  3. Blogging
  4. School
This is Part I: To - Do Lists and Bills

I have tried several methods until I found one that worked for me. I tried phone apps, extensive printables, etc. But, the method I use now is really simple.


I use a simple To Do List that I found online years ago (if this is YOUR template, please contact me so I can give you credit and a link back to your site). I have a tendency of using things for other purposes than their intended purposes. Here I just list the date a bill is due, the name of the bill, and the amount owed (that part is covered up). My bills are real basic. I check them off as they are paid in full each month (I forgot to check off the ones already paid before snapping a picture). At the bottom of the page I keep a running total of my rent and phone because I pay on them each week until they are paid off for the month. I keep this list on a clipboard and then file it in a binder when the month is over. 

To - Do Lists:

This is my To-Do List for Tuesday. I write my list by hand and check them off as I complete them. I do not add my cleaning tasks to this list because I do use an app for that. I also include bills that need to be paid on this list as a reminder for me. I usually write the bills in on the first of the month and I write out the next day's list the night before.

The pink sparkly book in the very top picture is used for my to - do lists. I found that particular book at Dollar General for about $3. I tried to use apps for this but it just didn't work well for me. There are some things I prefer to still hand - write. 

I'm sure that others have methods that work better for them. But, for me and my mind, this is the best way for me to keep up with my to - do's and bills. 

How do you keep up with your to - do list? Or do you just wing it everyday trying to remember what needs to be done?

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