Friday, September 26, 2014

Review: Graze

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Graze is a mail order service for snacks. Graze specializes in healthy snack alternatives to chips and candy. Each box is $6 per week (or at least mine are). I received my first box free through a promotion Graze was offering. I will also receive my fifth box free through the same promotion. They have two types of boxes to choose from: Nibble Box or the Calorie Counter Box. The Nibble Box is eligible to contain any of the over 90 snacks Graze has. The Calorie Counter Box contains only snacks that are 50 - 150 calories. 

I opted for the Calorie Counter Box.

Graze allows you to rate products before or after you try them. For example, I do not like pistachios, so I went ahead and marked all pistachio snacks as "trash". This alerts Graze that I do not wish to receive those snacks in my box. 

Graze has a 4 level rating system. "Trash": Do not like, "Try": It's Ok, "Like": I like it, "Love": I love it. I do rate my snacks after each box because I prefer to have boxes catered to what I like especially after I have tried the snacks.

I do have one dislike about Graze. In my boxes, I only get 4 packages in my box. If I want one package a day as a snack, I have to purchase two boxes a week. 

Below is my first box:

1) Morning Energizer: cherries, pears, and walnuts {140 calories}
        I did not like this one and gave it a "trash" rating. It just did not taste very well together for me. 

2) Key Lime Pie: lime infused raisins, sponge pieces, mini meringues, and green raisins {110 calories}
        I liked this one. It did taste similar to key lime pie. I gave this a "like" rating.

3) Tomato & Basil Pizza: mini tomato breadsticks, basil crunchini, and cheese flavored cashews {120 calories}
        At first,  I was going to give this one a "trash" rating. However, after the first bite, it wasn't that bad. I ended up giving this one a "like" rating.

4) Raspberry & coconut muffin: amaretti drops, raspberry infused cranberries, almond slices and coconut flakes {140 calories}
        This one was pretty good as well. I am not a fan of coconut flakes, but overall this snack was good. It did taste like a muffin without the flour part. I gave this one a "like" as well. 

Graze allows you to pick which weeks you receive a box as long as you change your date by the deadline. There is no limit on how many times you can skip a box. I really like that feature. 

In the future, I will be doing all boxes for a month in one post rather than one post per box. 

If you wish to sign up for graze, you can click here (my affliate link}. You will receive your first and fifth box free and you have no commitment to the program. 

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