Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Review: Graze Box {August 2014}

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For my post on Graze as a program, click here.

I only received one box in August.

1) El Picante: mini paprika breadsticks, jumbo salted corn, and hot chili peanuts {130 calories}
         This one was pretty good. I like spicy food so this one was great for me. I gave it a "like" rating. 

2) Garden of England: mini strawberries, blackcurrants, and soft apple pieces {70 calories}
          This one was surprisingly good considering I didn't like the apples in the other snack. However, when paired with the strawberries and blackcurrants, they were pretty good. I gave this one a "like" rating. 

3) Vegetable Power: black pepper cashews, spicy chickpeas, and edamame beans {140 calories}
          This was the one from this box that I thought I wouldn't like. Yet, I ended up liking this one. I gave it a "like" rating.

4) Toffee Apple: sticky toffee sauce with granny apple slices {80 calories}
           The toffee sauce was good. However, paired with the dried apple slices it was nasty. I couldn't even eat it all. I gave this a "trash" rating. 

If you wish to sign up for graze, you can click here (my affliate link}. You will receive your first and fifth box free and you have no commitment to the program. 

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