Saturday, August 2, 2014

ABC's of ME!

I saw this idea on a blog I follow, Mississippi Mrs. {Let me also add that I found 4 new blogs to follow just from reading her post and following links: Love, Fun, and Football, A Little Bit of Heaven... With a Wild Side, For Lauren & Lauren, and My Kind of Yellow}

A = Accepting (except for stupidity. I just can't handle stupidity.)
B = Bachelor's Degree Graduate. As of 5/27/14, I had my Bachelor's of Science in Psychology.
{Photo © Crystal @ The Italian Bella Diaries} 

C = Crystal. Still not crazy about my name, but I guess it's better than some.
 photo Crystal_zps42a43966.gif 

D = Daughters. I have 6.
{Photo © Crystal @ The Italian Bella Diaries}   

E = Empathetic.
F = Favorite color is PINK!
G = Graduate student! I begin my Masters in 11 days.
H = Homeschooler since 2003.
I = Introverted until you get to know me. Then I am Ms. Talkative and will tell you almost anything.
J = Just fabulous (that's what the teen said to say).

K = Kids. I have 7 total.
{Photo © Crystal @ The Italian Bella Diaries}  
L = Loyal until you betray me.
M = Married since 1999.
N = New Orleans is the place I love.
{Photo © Crystal @ The Italian Bella Diaries}  
O = Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder (OCPD) is my diagnosis.
{All of this describes me perfectly}
P = Pregnancy & Infant Loss is a cause near and dear to my heart. I have lost 3 babies since 1997.
 photo WaveofLight-300x255_zps05835429.gif 
{Photo is property of}
Q = Quirky. Oh my! I have so many quirks.
R = Reading is one of my favorite hobbies.
S = Sports Fanatic: New Orleans Saints, New Orleans Pelicans, Atlanta Braves, Carolina Hurricanes,  LSU Tigers, New Orleans Voodoo...
T = Type A Personality. Basically I am a textbook Type A.
U = Unique. You will NEVER find another person like me. I guarantee it!
V = Vacation, I need one desperately.
W = Writer. I am about 25% through my first novel.
X =  Xanthippe: means ill-tempered woman...
Y = Years of age: 36
Z =  Zydeco (Louisiana Creole dance music)

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