Friday, August 29, 2014

5 Things That Make Me Happy

There are several things that make me happy right now. I'm not going to list the obvious answers: kids, family, friends. I'm going to list 5 other things that make me happy.

 1. Writing
I love to write. Poetry, novels, stories, etc. I am happy when I am writing, free - writing not forced writing.

2. Psychology
I love studying psychology. I am so happy that I changed my major. 

3. Football Season
We all know I am a football fanatic, right? Well, football season is upon us! Soon, my Saturdays will be filled with college football while my Thursdays/Sundays/Mondays will have NFL. I. Cannot. Wait. I spend all spring/summer waiting for this!

4. New Orleans
I love NOLA. I know that I am not going back anytime in the near future but the thought of my precious city makes me happy.  
   photo IMAG0165_zps3f1d9ca3.jpg 
{Photo Credit: Crystal @ The Italian Bella Diaries, 2012}

 5. My Dreams
While I can't say my dreams in such a public forum, they make me incredibly happy. Now, if they would only come true. 

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