Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Social: Important People

1. Tell us about the family you grew up in, parents, siblings, grandparents.
When I was younger, it was my mom, my dad, me, and my little brother. I have two older half-sisters but they lived with their dad and step-mom. 
My mom and dad separated when I was 11. From then until I was an adult, I lived with my mom and brother during the week and my paternal grandparents almost every weekend. 
At age 12, I gained a nephew by my oldest half sister.
My dad remarried when I was a teenager, so I gained a step - mother. 
On my dad's side, I only had one uncle who had no children. Me and my brother were the only grandkids. On my mom's side, I had 2 aunts and 2 uncles. I also had 4 cousins. 

2. Tell us about your husband, fiancé, boyfriend, significant other.
We originally met when we were 10. That wasn't a pretty first meeting. We "met" again when we were in high school. Although he is only 9 months younger than me, he was 3 years behind me in school. We had 9th grade Earth Science togather (even though I was a senior). We began dating on May 28, 1996; engaged on July 4, 1996; married March 20, 1999. 

3. Tell us about your children. If you don’t have children, talk about your fur children.
We have 7 children and 1 fur child (see sidebar for pictures). Our oldest (girl) is 16 and was born 10 months before we got married. Our second oldest (girl) is 11 (she was a twin but her twin did not make it through pregnancy). We then went on to successfully have 2 sets of twin girls (Set 1 is 8 and Set 2 is 6). Our baby, and only boy, is 4. A few months ago we adopted a 2 year old chihuahua. We also have two other children that we lost during early pregnancy.

4. Tell us about your best friends. How long have you known them? How did you meet?
I really don't have what most people would call "best friends". I have huge trust issues and it is very hard for me to let people in. At this point in my life, my "best friends" would be Kathy B. and Chelle S. But, it would be an unconventional friendship since we have never met face to face. 

5. Tell us about any other special people in your life.
My "Nanny" and "Mops" (absolutely no relation to me at all) were very important to me when I was younger. My Nanny passed away when I was 11 (I think that was a rough year for me all around). I still stay in contact with her kids.
My Great-Grandmother (paternal grandmother's mother) was also very important to me. 
My two nephews by my brother mean the world to me even though I don't get to see them that often. 
I've made some awesome friends through the years that I would not be who I am today if not for them. There are too many to name here. 

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