Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Is Technology Making Us Lazy?

Over the weekend we went to Sheetz. While there we noticed that one island of 8 gasoline pumps was having a problem: it wouldn't accept credit/debit cards outside. Now, you could walk in and pay before hand but were not able to pay outside. We (it was just the me and the husband) had gotten our dinner to go and had just stopped there to get a smoothie but we decided to eat our dinner before going in for the smoothie. So, we sat there and watched these 8 gas pumps while we ate.

And do you know what I learned? Technology has made us lazy. We saw probably 30 cars pull up to these pumps. And for the vast majority of them, it was the same scenario. Swipe card, look confused, swipe card again, still look confused. We saw them glance up at the directions screen and then walk inside while grumbling {I must interject here that I went up to a pump and read the screen. It said "Please Pay Inside" from the get - go}. Now almost every person began the way I described above. There were a few that you could see were paying cash so they had to go inside anyway. But, the actions of the majority completely baffled me! Instead of just walking inside and paying for the pump they were at, they would drive to another pump and try the process again. If they stayed at the same island, the results were the same. If they were lucky enough to get a spot on the second island, they were able to pay at the pump. Of course, the ones who went to a different pump on the same island would repeat the process again. Then walk inside grumbling. What?

When did we become a country that was so lazy that walking inside a gas station was an inconvenience? Literally, an inconvenience. One person even drove off instead of going inside to pay. I was completely confused. Maybe it's because I never pay at the pump to begin with. Is it so much more difficult to walk inside the store, stand in line for maybe a couple of minutes, pay, and then get the gas? Are we becoming a lazy country or just one that is so busy that we can't even take two minutes out of our life to run inside of a store. 

Maybe it wouldn't have been so bad if people didn't try to repeatedly put the card in the reader the second, third, etc times. Seriously, in the amount of time it took to try and force the machine to work or to get in the car and drive to another pump to repeat the process, you could have gone inside, paid, and already began pumping the gas. What made it even worse, was the fact that all 8 pumps had the "Please Pay Inside" on the screen. One glance at the screen on any of the 8 and you would know what to do.

To me, it's completely sad that we are becoming a world so dependent on technology that we don't know how to function without it. It also saddens me that we have become a world that because of technology, have become lazy.


JDaniel4's Mom said...

I usually have my son in the car. It so easy to pay at the pump, but we have had to get out when the card reader doesn't work.

Julia Hunter said...

I agree that people have become lazier.

Shell said...

It is a little crazy how dependent we've gotten on technology. If wi-fi isn't available, if we can't get things quickly, we get frustrated so fast.

I remember I did once drive off when that problem happened at a gas station. I had a sleeping newborn and a 2 and 3 year old in the van and I didn't want to have to get them out to go pay. But other than a situation like that, there's no excuse!