Thursday, June 12, 2014

Growing Up is Hard

Today I am answering Question 13 of the 30 Things My Kids Should Know About Me.

What’s the hardest part of growing up?

Growing up? The hardest part? To me it's going from carefree to responsible. My mom always told me when I was younger, "Don't be in such a rush to grow up." I never understood what she meant... Until I grew up. When I was younger, I had no concept of bills and major responsibility. I relied on someone else to meet my basic needs. Now, I have to worry about bills getting paid. I am responsible for the running of my home.

There are days I want to sit around and let someone else worry about my problems and bills. But, I can't. There are the days that I want to be carefree and leave all my responsibilities to someone else. But, I can't.

My advice? Enjoy your youth. Wake up every day and have fun in your life. Don't sweat the small stuff. It'll all be trivial when you're an adult. Looking back there were things in my childhood/teen life that I stressed over. And now? It seemed like a waste of time. The time I spent stressing could've been used doing something more productive.

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Amy DeVito said...

I really enjoyed reading this post. I agree with you. I feel like when I was a child, I couldn't wait to be an adult and I wish I hadn't felt that way. I enjoyed my childhood so much though.