Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January Monthly Goals

I think the last time I linked up with monthly goals was in September. :( I seriously let this blog get neglected. I feel horrible about it. But, it's a new month and a new year.

January Goals

1) Read 12 books.
2) Finish SOC 105 with nothing lower than a B.
3) Lose 5 lbs (buy a scale would be a good thing too).
4) Finish writing my WIP #2.
5) Write 20,000 of WIP #1.
5) Save $125 towards Christmas.
6) Write down the traditions I want to start this year.
7) Plan CJ's 4th birthday "party".

Monthly Goals


Miss Angie said...

You have totally got this! Thanks for linking up!

Karen M. Peterson said...

Sometimes blogs have to get a little bit neglected. It happens. No worries! But you're gonna rock January!