Monday, March 11, 2013

Like, Seriously? It's a website?

I was three weeks into my Social Psychology class. I had just turned in my second paper and was gathering my sources for my portion of the team project so they could be instructor approved. I found one journal article to use. I also planned to use my current textbook. However, each person must have two different sources (a total of 8 sources combined) and I was pretty sure our text was a given. I decided to use the textbook I used in my Principles of Psychology, Intro to Psychology I and Intro to Psychology II classes in community college. I submitted the article and my past textbook for approval. I got a response: "Article is approved. The other source is not. It is a website. You must have peer reviewed articles or textbooks to be approved."

This is NOT a textbook y'all but a website?
 photo IMG_1788_zps641fa2fa.jpg

I didn't take it to heart. I figured maybe my facilitator had the title confused with a website. I replied back that this was in fact the textbook I had used in past classes. It was not a website but a physical book. And I had possession of not one but two editions of this book in physical form. I continued working on another assignment because as far as I was concerned, my two sources were within the requirements. I noticed my week two grades were posted and I noticed I had a reply back on this matter. I chose to look at my grades first. I did not do as well on paper as I hoped. I knew I was having points taken off for lateness, but there were more points taken off. I read the instructor notes and saw she deducted points for using the above book as a source. She still maintained that it was a website. I went and read her reply back on my sources assignment. Again, she told me that Psychsmart would not be approved because it was a website. I was irate then. I didn't know how else to convince her that it was a book, in my hand right then, and not a website. 

I emailed my academic advisor. I explained the whole situation to him. I waited for a response. Later the next afternoon, when I had no response, I called him direct. I explained it to him and he got me out of that class. Thank goodness! I hope I never see that facilitator's name on my schedule again! I have to begin Social Psychology over again on 3/19. Here's to hoping I don't have the same problem....

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

March Goals

I was on vacation from February 21st - March 9th so I did not get this post done in time. In fact, I have not done a post in over a month. I so suck at blogging regularly. Maybe I will just blame it on the packing and preparing for the vacation and then the vacation itself.

Here is a recap of February Goals:

February Goals 
 Better time management for school. Like seriously. FAILED. This is another blog post altogether.
Write 6,200 words of novel. FAILED. I wrote maybe 50.
Lose 5 pounds. FAILEDLost none. In fact I gained a bit on vacation.
Finish vacation plans and take vacation. COMPLETED!
Cook at home 6 days a week (except on vacation). SUCCESS!
Blog at least twice a week (baby steps here). FAILED!
Read 2 books. SUCCESS! I read 10 books {maybe that's why I haven't blogged}
 Complete 2 Pinterest projects/crafts. FAILED. Completed none.
Complete Photo A Day Challenges on Instagram. FAILED! Quit about 3 days into it.

March Goals
  • Better time management for school. I start my new class on 3/19.
  • Write 6,200 words of current novel (Far Away).
  • Background Research for next novel (Sparks Fly) for Camp NaNoWriMo.
  • Lose 5 pounds.
  • Cook at home 6 days a week.
  • Blog at least twice a week.
  • Read 2 books.
  • Complete 2 Pinterest projects/crafts.