Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What Best Reflects Me?

Here in North Carolina, about 20 miles away from me, there is a town called Trinity. However, I first learned about this story on the New Orleans news channel that I still keep up with. So, how did a town with a population of 6,600 make the news in New Orleans?

Simple. A teen sparked controversy in that little town. Caitlin Tiller is a teen mother. Her son just turned one year old. She completed her senior year early and is now in college and working part time. What did she do wrong? The school told each senior to bring in a "prop" that best reflects who they are to take a picture with for the yearbook. Some students brought their parents, siblings, grandparents, pets. Some students brought books, sports equipment, band instruments. Caitlin brought her son. The school told her that her photograph could not be used because it promoted teen pregnancy. Personally, I don't see how it promotes teen pregnancy anymore than watching "16 and Pregnant" on TV. Unfortunately, teen pregnancy is a big problem in the country today. But, making this poor girl feel like she will cause others to intentionally get pregnant is wrong.

At 17, I have no idea what I would have taken in for this type of photo. Probably my nephew because he meant everything to me when I was 17. But, now if you asked what I would take a photo with that best reflects who I am it would, undoubtedly, be my kids. I AM A MOTHER. No matter my age now or when I first became a mother, I am a mother. My kids reflect who I am. Period.

I am assuming the same holds true for this young girl. She had sex as a teen. She ended up pregnant. She has faced the consequence head on. She deserves to have a picture of her and her son in her yearbook just as much as the student who brought their pet. After all, eighteen years from now she will still be a mother to this little boy. Some say that if she wanted a picture with her son, she should have pictures taken on her own. But, why make her treat her son like he is a shameful thing? Sure, he didn't ask to be born to a teen mother. But, he was and she has chosen to do the best she can by him. I would never treat my children like they are a shameful part of my life. This little boy deserves the same consideration by others.

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Shell said...

I hadn't heard of this story!

She should be allowed. Being a mom is what defines me, as well. And if they are letting others bring in people(not just objects), then she should be allowed to bring her child.

Liz @ Fitness Blondie said...

Wow! We're neighbors. I am in Charlotte, NC and was shocked about this story.