Sunday, May 5, 2013

May 5th is International Bereaved Mothers Day...

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 May 5th is recognized as International Bereaved Mothers Day. This day is special to me. You see, I am a bereaved mother. I have three babies who live in Heaven. But, I am still their mother.

Today, I send my sympathies out to all the bereaved mothers in the world. It's a sad way to be connected but we are. Connected through the loss of a child.

One by one, I plan to share my stories of my children. Both those here with me and those who live in Heaven.

Are you a bereaved mother? If you are, please know that send you the biggest of hugs as we live each day without our babies.

For more information, visit the International Bereaved Mothers Day facebook page.

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Rebecca Wesson said...

I am also a bereaved mother. We lost our pregnancy 8/14/12 due to a car accident 1 week prior where we were rear-ended. Due to the amount of blood loss in 8/14/12, the doctor did an emergency D&C. We believe that it would have been a girl and gave her a name that means "to dream" "to ascend". That name is Aleah Ashlynne