Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Fifteen Years Ago....

** I am a day late writing this. This may also get a little long. **

Fifteen years ago, I looked down into the eyes of a beautiful baby girl. This precious baby was going to be the first person to ever call me Mommy.

I found out I was pregnant in September 1997. I had just suffered a miscarriage 6 months before. I was scared. I was nervous. I was happy. The range of emotions at the time was off the charts. I will admit that the timing was off. Way off. Chris was just 18; I had just turned 19. We were in a big world trying to make it on our own. And failing. Miserably. But, this was my baby and there was no way I was ever going to give him/her up.

I remember hearing the heartbeat for the first time. It was an amazing sound. I remember seeing the ultrasound for the first time. Those pictures were my most prized possession for a long time. My pregnancy was easy; too easy. I never looked pregnant until the end. Days of maternity clothes weren't in the cards for me. I continued to wear regular clothes until about month 8. I didn't get many ultrasounds done. At the 20th week growth scan, the legs stayed shut. I felt like I was having a boy so I picked out the name William Michael. I was confident that it was a boy and I never even considered a girl's name.

At 30 weeks, I started cramping a little. I was put in the hospital for observation. I was released the next day because the "contractions" had stopped and I had no dilation. Pregnancy was a cake walk the rest of the time. I had a few times that I went in to be checked because I thought I was having labor contractions. Turns out I wasn't. But, how did I know? I was new at this.

The night before my due date I went to the ER for contractions. It was customary for them to send you straight up to the Labor and Delivery floor and bypass seeing an ER doctor. They wanted to keep me overnight since I was contracting and had slight dilation. The next morning, I was still contracting and had not dilated any further. The decision was to send me home until I progressed further. I went into the bathroom to change and felt a gush of liquid between my legs. I told Chris to page the nurse; that I think my water just broke. The nurse came in and argued with me saying I peed on myself. Like seriously? I may have only been a 19 year old kid, but I knew that I did not pee on myself. She agreed to use a test strip on the fluid. It came back as my amniotic fluid. The doctor wanted me back in the bed. So, the long boring labor begins. I got started on pitocin. Around noon I asked for an epidural. I was having intense back labor. I was in and out of consciousness until around 5 pm. I had Chris and our neighbor, Vicki there as my coaches. At 5:30 pm, my doctor came and told me that if I didn't start progressing more then he was going to order a c-section. A few minutes later, I started pushing. And I pushed. And I pushed. For 2 hours, I pushed. At 7:57 pm, I delivered an 8 lb, 11.5 oz baby girl.

But, one problem. I didn't have a name for her. I was serious. I was convinced I was having a boy, so I didn't have a girl's name picked out at all. I was clueless. So, I let Chris name her.

Crystina Leighanne
May 14, 1998 @ 7:57 pm
8 lbs, 11.5 oz; 21.5" long
 photo CLS1998_zps7c2e4e32.jpg

Interesting Things About This Pregnancy:
Due Date: May 14, 1998
Actual Birth Date: May 14, 1998
Vaginal or C-Section: Vaginal
Pain Meds/Epidural?: Yes
Pregnancy Cravings: Twinkies and Mt Dew
Found Out the Sex or Surprise?: Surprise but not by choice

Crystina Through the Years
(Years 2001 and 2011 are missing)

1999 - Age 1
 photo CLS1999_zps34ffdcf3.jpg

2000 - Age 2
 photo CLS2000_zpse3fabaae.jpg

2002 - Age 4
 photo CLS2002_zps35098a0e.jpg

2003 - Age 5
 photo CLS2003_zpsa355560d.jpg

2004 - Age 6
 photo CLS2004_zps39d275a2.jpg

2005 - Age 7
 photo CLS2005_zps6e2e1fad.jpg

2006 - Age 8
 photo CLS2006_zps360b86a1.jpg

2007 - Age 9
 photo CLS2007_zps3dfe5b19.jpg

2008 - Age 10
 photo CLS2008_zpsfa86f458.jpg

2009 - Age 11
 photo CLS2009_zpsa6192006.jpg

2010 - Age 12
 photo CLS2010_zps5993b987.jpg

2012 - Age 14
 photo CLS2012_zpsf99e0b5a.jpg

2013 - Age 15
 photo Crystina2013_zps8adcb992.jpg 


Rebecca Wesson said...

I remember the pics in 2003 & 2004 & 2005 so well. Cant believe she is 15 already!

AnnMarie said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter! I have a 15 year old as well. I love hearing birth stories and this one was a sweet one. Her name is beautiful. Thanks for stopping over at my place. Glad PYHO led us to each other.