Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Why I don't Vlog

There have been several changes in the social media world. And I don't just mean Myspace and Facebook. When I first entered the online community in 2001, the craze was websites. We spent hours personalizing our websites. I remember mine was HUGE. This was back when Yahoo offered Geocities free. Slowly, I noticed websites phasing out. The new thing was Xanga, which was like present day blogging. It was just more simple. I noticed that Xanga still exists, but I can't remember my login information for anything. After that Myspace and then Facebook took over. Then, it was the great blogging evolution. Blogger and WordPress became common terms. Obviously, I entered the blogging evolution. But, the newest thing out there is vlogging - video blogging. Now, why haven't I entered this craze? Well, I have my reasons. 

First, I hate my voice! It's awful. So, why would I subject people to have to listen to it frequently? I wouldn't. Second, I think my life is too boring to video for the world. Trust me, it is. Third, I never have the time to video anything that doesn't involve kids running around me like wild animals. Seriously. Fourth, I have absolutely no idea how to edit. And there would have to be some major editing done on my videos. 

I love watching other people's vlogs. It's just like an extension of the list of blogs I read. But, I honestly don't think vlogging is for me. I have made some videos. Nothing spectacular. But, I have never published them. Honestly, I probably won't. I think I'll consider myself happy here in blogger world.  

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