Thursday, April 25, 2013

A 'Lil About Me: The Don't Ask, Don't Tell Tag

This intro is going to be a continuation of sorts of yesterday's post, Why I Don't Vlog. While I do not vlog, I enjoy watching others' videos and learning about them. One particular vlog (she also has a blog), BabyBellyKelli, began the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" tag. While I think it is a good tag, I just do not vlog. But, I still wanted to participate. So, instead I am going to do it here on my blog.

Her rules for the tag were:

1) Disable ratings. (We don't have that here for blogs)
2) Disable comments. (I will do that. This is to see what my feelings are on issues not to spark a debate)
3) Not to explain or try to persuade viewers (readers).

So, with that being said, here we go....

1) Are you a democrat or a republican? I guess republican. I think I would be considered more of a constitutionalist. 

2) Be honest: Did you vote and who for? No. I was not registered in my new state yet.

3) Pro - gay or anti - gay? I am pro-love whoever you want. I believe they should have rights like any other couple. However, I believe it should be called a civil union and leave the term marriage for religious ceremonies.

4) Pro - life or pro - choice? Pro - life unless for health reasons.

5) For or against vaccinations? We do not vaccinate. Your choice may be different and I respect that.

6) Sugar before the age of 1? In certain things, I guess so (although I can't really think of anything).

7) TV before the age of 1? It has always been on, but the kids never sat there and stared at it. Still don't.

8) Cloth diapers/disposable diapers/both? I have always only used disposable. 

9) For or against circumcision? I did not circumcise my son.

10) Home School/public school/private school? We home school.

11) Spanking or no spanking? No.

12) Cursing in front of children: Good or Bad? Bad but it happens sometimes.

13) Do you believe in God? yes

14) Cry It Out or No? No

15) Organic or Non Organic? Right now non organic. I really want to start on organic. I have been cutting out gluten though.

16) Fast Food for Kids? They get it once a week as a treat (AKA Mom's night off in the kitchen)

17) Co sleeping? Yes

18) Breast or Formula? I tried with all of my kids to breast feed. I had a lack of support for the first 6 (not from husband but from the medical community, etc). I ended up formula feeding. For the first 6, they did get breast fed for 2 - 4 weeks.

19) Natural or Epidural? I had epidural with the first 2. With my first set of twins, I had it put in but they came before they could get the meds in me. Last two pregnancies were c-section. 

20) Rearfacing until 1 or 2? All of my kids are over 2 now. The norm was forward facing after 1 and 20 lbs. and I hadn't heard about Extended Rear Facing until my youngest was 18 months old. 

21) Brand Name or Off Brand? I am a brand name snob on certain things. But, mostly we buy off-brand.

22) Hand Me Downs or Brand New? Hand Me downs are fine. I do like to buy them brand new outfits for special occasions.

23) Pop or water for you and kids? I drink water. I get a lemonade or diet soda once a week. Kids drink sweet tea.

24) Ok Dating Age? My oldest is almost 15 and has not had a date. Maybe it's time for me to really think about this question. We always told her 30 but I guess that's not a legit answer. It really depends on maturity not age.

25) Do you consume alcohol? If so, how much? Yes but not regularly. Since June of 2009 (right before I got pregnant with my son), I have had maybe a beer. And that is it.