Monday, April 29, 2013

A Blogger's Dilemma: Changes

But, they're good changes. I think. When I first started my blog, it was a place to write my randomness. Over time it came to include reviews, recipes, and link ups. I hadn't really blogged much since it came to all that. Just sporadic here and there. I was getting to the point that I didn't even want to blog because it was Tuesday and it was this linky day, etc. I just wanted to be me and talk (well, write) about what I was feeling or what spoke to me right then. Now, don't get me wrong. There are some link ups that I love. One is Pour Your Heart Out at Things I Can't Say. Another is Monthly Goals at My So-Called Chaos. I will still participate in these. Monthly goals is just once a month; no problem. And I'll participate in Pour Your Heart Out when my heart speaks to me to.

Another problem in my blogging world is my need to compartmentalize my life. It's hard to explain. I just like for my life to be contained in, I don't know how to explain it, but organized little compartments. I was getting anxiety every time I posted a recipe because it wasn't a part of what I had envisioned for this blog. I didn't want my home school stuff to be on this blog. I wouldn't subject you to my non-filtered mouth when it comes to sports. And so one. So, I began creating new blogs focused towards certain areas of my life. Do I write in each one every day? Nope. And I never intended to write in each one every day.

So, with that being said, this blog is going back to where I originally wanted it. Just my random thoughts at random times. I have about 10 drafts on my dashboard. I will complete them in the very near future. My recipes are being moved to In The Kitchen with Crystal. I will not be posting every day there. I will link that blog to various Tasty Tuesday link ups each week.

So, welcome to the slightly changed The Italian Bella Diaries.

{I am adding a page to the top listing all my blogs and their purpose.}

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