Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Paging Dr. House!

A week and a half ago, I came down with an awful rash. This rash continually got worse and worse. I couldn't think of much that could've caused it. It wasn't contagious because no one else has it. I tried Benedryl. Didn't work. Tried Cortizone cream. Didn't work. I was beginning to scratch until I was pulling skin and crying from the pain of it afterwards. I continued to deal with it. I searched the Internet to find a picture that looked close to it so I could find out what was wrong. Not a single picture matched my rash. I went to symptom finder on WebMD. They just added anxiety to my list of disorders. They said things from Poison Ivy to AIDS/HIV to cancer to leprosy. Leprosy? Seriously? Then the Plague. What the what? I clicked off the site and finally broke down and went to the Emergency Room.
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The ER tech doing triage looked at it. He said he had never seen it before. He said a Nurse Practitioner was coming in. She came in. She had never seen it before. They decided someone else needed to see it. The next Nurse Practitioner came in. She said she had never seen a rash like this. Again, what the what? No one has seen it? Then where the heck did it come from? She said it's not like any other rash she had ever seen. I could very easily post pictures of it. But, I don't even like looking at it so I won't subject you to it. But, it's full body, red, itchy, and burns like a sunburn. So, without doing any tests and no doctor seeing me, it was decided to give me a nice medicine cocktail for the next 5 days. If it's not gone by then, I am being referred to a dermatologist. 

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My daily meds: Prednisone (2 pills once a day), Benedryl (50 mg every 4 hours) and Pepcid (20 mg twice day).

The Pepcid confuses me. I know it's a heartburn medicine so why am I taking it? Well, my research concluded that it helps enhance the benedryl. Ok, whatever. 

So, now I play the waiting game. And I pray it's gone by Monday..... 

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