Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Recap and 2013 Aspirations


2012 Recap

I have tried writing this several times, but sadly I have realized that my life is extremely boring. No, really. I am serious. Completely and utterly boring! In January, I became a junior at the University of Phoenix. I am in the bachelors of psychology program. I also bought myself a Kindle Fire as a reward for my first 4.0 semester in Psychology. In February, we took a two week vacation back home to Louisiana. We celebrated Mardi Gras there.
I met Danielle and Margaret for the first time. CJ also turned 2 while we were there. 


We left Louisiana in March and I met Denise for the first time when we left. Chris and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. In April, Chris turned 33 years old. We also took a day trip to Pilot Mountain. 


In May, Tina turned 14 years old. Chris and I celebrated our 16 years of being together. In July, I celebrated my 34th birthday. In September, Carly turned 10. In October, Chey Chey and Courky turned 5. I then began a "diet" to change my outer image. Caitie and Charlee turned 7. My grandmother came for a weekend and took the kids to Build-A-Bear (what an adventure! May have to post about that!).


Chris lost his job (the whole reason we even moved here). In December, Chris began a new job (I was ready for him to leave by that point. Longest month of my life!) 

And official count for weight loss since October: 19 lbs.

2013 Aspirations

I really hate making resolutions. I never, ever, ever keep them. So, instead I just make a list of my aspirations. 

  • Lose 60+ lbs. {Yes, you heard that right! I'm going to be honest though and say that I don't look as big as the scale says I do.} 
  • Be more timely with my schoolwork. Again, honesty here. There were several times that I would've had a perfect score on a paper, but had a certain percentage deducted because it was late. I need to turn in all my assignments on time in every class!
  • Blog more consistently. Ideally, I want to blog here at least 5 times a week. My sports blog, I am not too worried about since the only sport I truly watch is football. And, well, my team's season is done.
  • Go on vacation to Louisiana. I am already planning. Hotel is already booked. So, I guess I better get on the ball with more planning.
  • Cook more. I already cook 4-5 times a week. I want to cook about 6 days a week. 
  • Do 12 Pinterest crafts/projects. I figured one a month would be realistic. 
  • Finish the novel I am writing. 
  • Read 24 non-school related books.

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