Friday, October 19, 2012

I Confess.... {10/19/12}

Mamarazzi is on a blogging break so Friday Confessional is being hosted by High-Heeled Love during her absence. 

I confess.... that I am having a blogging conflict. I feel as if I never have time to blog consistently. Which, honestly, I don't between cooking, cleaning, home schooling, and college. But, I also feel that if I did have time, I'm confused on where I want my blog to go. It used to be about parenting, then it went to a lot about me, now where? Parenting? Me? My weight loss journey? Hmphhhh...... I guess it will come to me.

I confess... that I do have 4 other blogs besides this one. One for home schooling, one for sports, one for my psychology papers, and I have the blog supported on Spark People. Maybe I'll take a few days later on and write about them.

I confess... that I had this whole blog planned in my head this morning but have completely forgotten what I was going to write now.

I confess... that I am craving a soda real bad right now but am winning the battle not getting one. 

I confess... that planning meals right now is hard for me. I started counting the calories involved in my homemade lasagna. Just with the meats, it was over 500 calories per slice. Crazy! I don't want to alter my recipe because us Italians just aren't like that. But, I need to find a way to make it lower calorie.

I confess... that today is my daughter, Caitie's, birthday. She's 7. Her twin sister's birthday is tomorrow. I really don't like that they have different birthdays. While others think it cool, I find it troublesome. They are old enough now that they realize that one "turns older" a day before the other one.

I confess... that I really hate having 5 birthdays in a month. Its a lot of gifts and cake.

I confess... that I just realized that while I made my menu this morning, I forgot to make my grocery list. Whoops... Maybe I should go get on that now....


Ducky said...

Four blogs?!??! Mercy! I can't keep up with one!

Aubrey S. said...

Maybe you could just health-ify the lasagna meal up with by serving it with a super healthy salad.

I think the twins having different birthdays would be kind of hard to deal with...but for the rest of us with older or younger siblings, it's not all that different.

Thanks for linking up with Friday Confessional. Have a fabulous weekend!