Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Big Puppy Plan

I have 7 kids, so the whole "I want a {insert type of pet here}." conversation has been had many times. But, the older 6 never had a plan when it came to their desired pet. But, CJ; he has a plan! We were watching television early this morning and a commercial about some dog product came on. This commercial prompted the following conversation:
CJ: "I want doggie."
Me: "You want a dog?"
CJ: "Yes."
Me: "Who is going to feed the dog?"
CJ: "Me. I feed it mommy food." (Mommy food = homecooked meals)
Me: "Well, who is going to take outside to potty?"
CJ: "Daddy."
Me: "Daddy will?"
CJ: "Maybe Euna?" (Euna = my second daughter, Carly)
Me: "Well, who is going to give it a bath?"
CJ: "Daddy!"
Me: "Who is going to play with it?"
CJ: "Me!"
Who could resist such a well thought out plan? Ok, I can resist it because I know it translates to "Mommy will do it all." And for the record, he picked out the picture of the dog. He says that's the one he wants.

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