Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Lesson from Disney

I loved Disney as a kid. Watched all the movies, went to all the Disney on Ice productions, and the Disney Store was my favorite store ever. My older sister loved Cinderella and had an enormous collection of Cinderella memorabilia. I was envious of it. But, I couldn't relate to Cinderella. Nothing about her seemed to resemble me. I thought about each Disney princess but none of them seemed like, well me. Then there came Belle in Beauty and the Beast. Well, that was me. Kind of. Take Belle and subtract the being raised by her father deal, and the beautiful deal. What was left over was me. Bookworm.
Then, there's another whole concept. I see people for who they are on the inisde rather than the outside. Caring. The movie Beauty and the Beast became an obsession for me. I began to collect a large amount of Beauty and the Beast memorabilia. It's what I asked for as gifts. I even went to the Disney on Ice production of Beauty and the Beast when I was 14... and sat front row! My collection got stolen several years ago. I never have understood why a foot locker of Beauty and the Beast memorabilia would be stolen, but it was.

I love the message of the movie. "Never judge a book by its cover" Belle saw the Beast for who he was on the inside rather than as the hideous beast he was on the outside. This is how I live my life. I see a person for who they truly are. This is also a lesson I try to teach my children. Maybe if we all practiced this, there would be a little less prejudice in the world.


Twinisms said...

I loved Beauty And The Beast too! I even have a tattoo of Lumiere and Fifi:)

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