Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tasty Tuesday: Butterfinger Cake

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For this week's Tasty Tuesday I am sharing the recipe for Butterfinger Cake. I actually made this for my husband's birthday cake back in April. He loves Butterfingers; I, on the other hand, do not. But, believe it or not, I actually enjoyed this cake!

Butterfinger Cake


- 1 box yellow cake mix, plus ingredients to make the cake
- 1 can sweetened condensed milk
- 1 jar Smucker's caramel ice cream topping
- 2 (8 oz) tubs Cool-Whip
- 6 regular sized Butterfinger candy bars, crushed


1) Bake cake in a 9x13-inch pan according to directions on the package.

2) While cake is baking, mix milk and caramel topping until well blended. When the cake is done and while it's still hot, poke holes in it with a fork or straw. Pour milk mixture over the cake. Allow cake to cool completely.

3) Sprinkle 3 candy bars over cake. Spread Cool Whip over the top, then sprinkle with the remaining candy bars on top. Chill.

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Michele said...

I LOVE this cake! Made it a few months ago when I caught on to it from a local bakery!