Friday, May 11, 2012

WWTK #7 -- Bloggin' Style!


Well, it's time for another {late} edition of We Want To Know Wednesday Thursday, hosted by Mamarazzi and CrazyMama!

This week Mamarazzi wants to know all about blogging!

{1} Please describe your blog. Does it fall into one category or many? How has it changed from post one?
      Unique? I don't know how to describe it. It's just a mixture of hodge podge that I like to call me. I post about life, kids, school, food, bloggy linkys, music.... This wasn't the location of my first blog. I originally had a blog, same title and still on blogspot. But, someone hacked into it and locked me out of it. My very first blog post, on that blog, was entitled I am That Girl. Not sure where I was going with my blog at that time. But, hey, whatever. Also on that blog was my entire pregnancy and birth story of my son.

{2} What 3 things do you LOVE about blogging?
        1) Meeting new people. Especially people who can relate to any aspect of my life.
        2) Having a documentation of my feelings and life.
        3) Sharing my stories with others.

{3} What 3 things do you DISLIKE about blogging?
        1) Having to put blogging last in my list of priorities; therefore I don't get to do it as much as I would like.
        2) Crazy people who blog stalk just to criticize you or talk crap to you.
        3) Some blogs that were interesting then went to strictly giveaways. While I love free stuff as much as the next person, I originally followed your blog because I found YOU to be interesting, not the free stuff.

{4} What 3 things do you WISH OTHER BLOGGERS would do? Any tips for them?
        1) Tell your stories, even if you think they are stupid or boring. Somone somewhere will probably shake their head while reading it and think to themself, "Yep, I've been there!"
        2) Make commenting easier for your visitors. Have it open up in a new page so I don't have to back track to get back to your blog. If I am a new visitor, I may comment on several posts in my visit!
        3) Stay real. Do your own thing. Don't try to be like every other blog out there. 

{5} I know we all have lots of blogs we read, but what are 3 blogs your never miss?
       1) My friend, Michele, from high school. I love hearing about Little Miss P growing up!
       2) From Inmates to Playdates (Julie), a blog I found a couple years ago
       3) The Real Life of a Redhead

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