Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Randomness of WWTK!


Welcome to another edition of We Want To Know Wednesday hosted by Mamarazzi and Crazymama! This week's very random questions were asked by Mamarazzi...
{1} Tell us about your job/daily routine.
      My job is defined as: educator, referee, chef, guidance counselor, etc... I have no daily routine. The only thing that remotely would describe it is: wake up, eat, schooling for kids, eat, clean/schooling for me, eat, sleep, repeat.... Somewhere in between, referee the sibling rivalry fights among the kids.
{2} What is your favorite place in your home to relax? (bonus points for a pic)

      There is no where to relax. I am found everywhere I go.

{3} Summer cool treat...popsicle or icecream?
      Depends on my mood. Sometimes an ice cream cone is nice, but I usually eat orange creamsicles! I love those things!

{4} Be sweet to yourself, list 3 things you LIKE about YOU!
      I genuinely care about my friends. I have a sympathetic and caring heart. I love my family and friends.

{5} If someone saw my __________ I would likely die of embarrassment!
      My kitchen! Holy Toledo, it looks like a tornado struck in there. So, give me about an or or so before you stop by.

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Lilscorpiosweetie said...

this is pretty cool.. was thinking of doing something similar.. here's to the randomness!!