Monday, March 26, 2012

Music Monday: Vacation

Day #7 of the 30 Day Song Challenge is a song that reminds you of a certain event. When we went on a 2 week vacation to Louisiana, we heard this song ALL THE TIME. I now associate it with the vacation.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Guess Who?!?!

It has been seemingly forever since I blogged. I really need to get a better time management schedule so I can blog a little more frequently. Well, a lot has gone on since January 17th when I last wrote something. So, here goes my update on the whole crew:

I'll tell the most exciting news first. I was reading through my most recent posts when I stumbled upon this one: I Confess.... Homesickness and Loans and More! I read about how homesick I was for Louisiana. Well, guess what? We took a two week vacation to Louisiana - during Mardi Gras! I was so happy! You will see a lot of posts about this trip! I haven't decided how to break the two weeks up since some days are major picture days and others were not. The list of things we did were: 5 Mardi Gras parades, Zoo with friends, IMAX, Aquarium, Riverwalk in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Grand Isle, Insectarium, Dinner with one of our friends, lunch to celebrate my son's 2nd birthday, and lunch with another friend. Plus SHOPPING! I have to say that those two weeks were probably the highlight of my year!

On to other news - awhile back I mentioned I had big news concerning my college education. I just realized, I never announced it! In August 2008, I went back to college by doing online classes through my local community college. My major was Accounting. Two and a half years later, I realized I despised accounting. I was dreaming numbers. They had arms and legs and were chasing me. I immediately changed my major to Social Sciences with concentration in Psychology. And fell in love with it! My first semester as a full psychology major resulted in straight A's. While on winter break, I got to thinking. I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere. Besides, an associates degree was going to get me nowhere in this field. So, I applied to University of Phoenix. I went through the process of transferring all my community college credits and when it was all said and done, my credits put me as a junior in the bachelors program! So happy to feel like I am getting somewhere with this schooling.

Now, some quick updates on the kiddies:

Crystina - She is soon to be 14 years old. It's crazy! Where does the time go? She is still debating on what college she wants to go to and what her major will be. She is still hopelessly "in love" with Tim Tebow. She is devastated that the Broncos traded him and signed Manning. I have now nicknamed her as "TeenZilla". Oh. My. Heavens. Sometimes I wonder where that little attitude of hers comes from.

Carolyn - She is 9 and is in the overly-emotional stage. Cries over everything. Takes everything so personal. I am not ready for pre-teen 2.0!

Caitlyn and Charlotte - {Age 6} They are still my two peas in a pod. Same yet different. Caitlyn is still the tomboy and wants to work in a construction field like Daddy. Charlotte is still prissy and asks if being a Princess is a job. I'm really not sure how to answer that. They can be the best of friends or the worst of enemies.

Cheyenne and Courtney - {Age 4} I'm not even sure how they survived in my womb together. They are still literally night and day. Very rarely do they get along. Cheyenne is a Justin Beiber freak! I managed to get through 4 girls before her that never liked him. Courtney loves Monkeys. I think that is because I call her my little monkey.

Connor - He turned 2 while we were in Louisiana. This trip to Louisiana was everything to him! He loves Drew Brees, the Saints, football, basketball, Batman, cars and trucks, firetrucks and police cars, dinosaurs and penguins. He has changed so much lately that sometimes it saddens me. On February 5th, we got Connor his first haircut. I had trimmed it before, but this was his actual cut.

Connor Before:
All his precious hair!:
Connor After:

Also, on March 20th, me and Chris celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. My brother watched the kids and we went out to Outback Steakhouse for dinner.

I will begin my New Orleans vacation posts tomorrow....