Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011..... Hello 2012!


There were some parts of 2011 that weren't too bad. I am grateful for my health. I am grateful for healthy children.

2011 ended up being an expensive year for me. Both financially and emotionally. We had vehicle repairs of $1500. This led to more expenses to compensate for not having our vehicle for a time. We remained in Maryland, which I hate. We moved cities within Maryland. I emotionally took a blow during July - October that hit me so hard, I didn't know if I could ever recover from it. There was another incident in November that once again rocked me emotionally.

In 2011, my kids turned 1, 13, 9, 6 and 4. I came to the realization that my baby was no longer a baby. He was becoming an independent little boy. I came to the realization that my oldest child was no longer a child. She was becoming a young woman.

My husband switched jobs. This meant packing up and leaving Maryland -- for North Carolina. Not my precious Louisiana, but getting closer. Surprisingly, I find myself missing parts of Maryland. I miss some of the stores and such.

In 2011, I switched majors in college. I had been working towards an Associates degree in Accounting. The Spring 2011 semester is where I switched majors to pursue an Associates in Social Sciences with a concentration in Psychology. I fell in love with Psychology! My Fall 2011 semester resulted in straight A's and being named on the Dean's List.


I'm trying to be optimistic that 2012 will be a fantastic year! I start out with so much optimism, which gradually diminishes.

I'm looking forward to some stability. Both financially as well as job. Previously, my husband's job was all over the radar. He never knew where he would end up. With this new job, we should be in the Charlotte area of North Carolina for an extended period of time. Although my ultimate goal is to get back to Louisiana. :)

On the school front, I have some big developments in the works. I am not announcing them until all my I's are dotted and T's crossed. But, it is a big thing for me! Of course, though, I am looking forward to many more A's and pulling my GPA up. I am ashamed to say that because of my lack of ability in Accounting, my GPA was bad. But, with Psychology I am pulling it up tremendously! My goal is to finish my degree with at least a 3.6 GPA.

In relation to the kids schooling, I just joined a home schooling group in my area. My group in Louisiana totally rocked! The downfall of that is that it's hard to find others that compare! The one I just joined seems like it's similar and I really hope so! Looking forward to field trips and other outings with them.

I also looked up the NBA schedule and my beloved New Orleans Hornets are coming to play Charlotte in April. I am really trying to go to this game. I have loved the Hornets since they were in Charlotte! Also, my New Orleans Saints play the Panthers in Charlotte once a season. That is also a goal for 2012 - to see my precious Saints live on the field again. The Miami Hurricanes football team is also coming to NC to play the Duke Blue Devils. Ready. To. Go.

I guess in a way, the above could be viewed as a "2012 Bucket List". They're not really resolutions, but things I want to see in 2012.

As for "true resolutions", I have a few. I always say I don't make them because I usually don't keep them. I really need to lose some weight. While people cannot believe I have 7 kids, I am not happy with my weight personally. It is something I want to work on for me. I currently have access to a treadmill 24/7. I should be on it everyday. I also have access to a free membership for a 24/7 gym. I should be in it.

I have never been much a snacker. In fact, 99.9% of snacks consumed by me are only when Chris is around for an extended period of time. In 2012, I need to eliminate all unhealthy snacking. I also need to stop drinking soda and make my meal portion sizes smaller.

In 2012, I need to keep my grades a priority.

How was your 2011? What are you looking forward to in 2012?

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