Friday, July 1, 2011

10 Days of BS: Me and Alcohol

I have decided to link up with the ★10 Days Of Bullshit Challenge★ with ★ Rockin' Mama ★! I am a day behind so I'm putting Day 1 and Day 2 together.

★Day 01- A recent photo of you with a funny caption.★

Anyone who knows me knows that there are very few, if any, pictures of me. This isn't my most recent picture, but it'll do.
"See the Wheels Grinding?"

★Day 02- How was your first experience drinking alcohol?★

I remember very little. Please note that the person involved in this will always deny their involvement. But, whatever. No need to protect yourself now.

It was June 16, 1994. Want to know how I remember that date? The next day was the infamous OJ Simpson White Bronco chase. And I was watching it. Hungover. But, anyways. Back to the story at hand.

I was 15. Just finished my sophomore year. My mom was out of town which meant my older sister stayed with us. {She was 21} She had her boyfriend and two friends over. The game to play back then was Quarters. So, my sister fixed me a Strawberry Daiquiri and we sat down and played.
Ok, except it didn't look that good. It was in a cup like this:
But, we played round after round. And I drank daiquiri after daiquiri. Until I was really, really loopy. When i couldn't stand up they decided game was over. I then proceeded to try and make up the sofa bed for my sister's friends using curtains. Yeah, didn't work out all that great! Then I slept until 11 am the next morning, had a pounding headache and swore off alcohol. That didn't last long. 

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Destiny said...

wow you remembered the date! lol ;)

you had the bitch drinks so you couldn't feel that shit right away! I like the color of your hair!

thanks for linking up!