Tuesday, June 14, 2011

QOTW: True or False? Parenting Myths

I usually participate in QOTW over at Multiples.... and More! But, lately the questions either didn't apply to me or interest me. However, this week's was one I really liked. Parenting Myths. We've all heard them at some point. I have heard so many over the last 13 years, I could re-write the parenting myth book! But here is my absolute favorite:

It Gets Easier!
  Someone, please tell me when it gets easier? My oldest is 13 and I promise you, it has not gotten any easier! We went through the terrible 2's and 3's, frightful 4's and 5's, then the school age years, and pre-teen years and now we've hit the teens. Mind you I have 5 more after her following in the same pattern. I'm kinda now starting to think that someone with either A) No children or B) the {non-existent} perfect child came up with this myth. I sure haven't seen it!

As an inspiration from this QOTW, I will be {over time} writing about other parenting myths. Check back for those. In the meantime, what parenting myth is your favorite?

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