Thursday, June 2, 2011

June Goals

I have decided to try this and see how I get along. I am A) a major procrastinator, B) a person with MAJOR ADHD, C) a person with OCD tendencies and D) a master at lists. So, I am hoping to *try* and keep myself in check. I need some sort of order here!

Goals for THIS blog
~ Post at least 5 times a week
~ Post at least once a week that links to a Meme
~ Start thinking of a new blog design. I really hate the header but it was the best I could come up with on short notice.

Goals for my other blogs (check out my "Sister Blogs" Link above to find these other blogs)
~ Post at least once a week - twice a week in home school blog
~ Post at the least my weekly menu plans on my recipe/food blog
~ Post at least once a week to my saving money blog
~ Post at least once a week to my sports blog

Goals for Bayou Excellence Academy (our home school)
~ Stay on course with plans as much as possible
~ Document our activities better (for personal reasons; what I already do is enough for legal reasons)

Personal Goals
~ Eat better
~ Exercise more
~ Pick college classes for Fall and STICK TO THEM!

I'll post how I did on July 1st along with my July Goals!

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