Wednesday, June 29, 2011

WWTKW and Way Back When - ensday: Sleepy Girl

This week I'm linking up with We Want to Know Wednesday hosted by Impulsive Addict, Janette, Mamarazzi and Seriously Shawn.

1. What was the last thing you searched for online?
    Ok, the actual last thing I did a major search for online is another blog post in itself. So, the last little thing I did a online search for was the Baltimore, MD weather for today.

And in case you're wondering, it is currently cloudy and 85*. High of 88* today.
Sadly, I'd rather be in Louisiana where it's currently 92*, heat index of 101* and high supposed to be 93*. Yes, I look up the weather there every day.

2. If we visit your home state, what is one MUST we should do before leaving?
      The state I was born and raised in was Virginia. And there's a lot to do there! I was blessed with being raised there no matter what I may say.
So, in no particular order, you should visit (and, yes. I have been to all of these in my life!):
The Historic Triangle (Jamestown, Colonial Williamsburg and Yorktown)

Luray Caverns

Arlington, Virginia (which will then lead you to Washington, DC)

Skyline Drive (Shenandoah Valley)

Virginia Beach

3. What do you think pharmaceutical companies should invent a pill for that isn't on the market yet?
       Of course for the most common ailment that there is nothing for: stupidness. I could write a book on all the people I know that could use a pill for this. There are just way too many!

4. When was your first kiss? Was it good or bad?
        It was when I was 11. It was with the guy I had been crushing on all year. He finally asked me to be his girlfriend. {For the record, this only lasted for like 2 weeks.} We were hanging out in the garage at his best friend's house (who happened to be my neighbor) and it just happened. Wasn't like a great kiss but definitely wasn't worse.

5. What is your guilty pleasure tv show that you can not miss?
        Treme. I blogged about it here.

*Question #4 is brought to us by Amber and Nadine.

*Question #5 came from Vandy.

I am also linking up with Way Back When - esday with Twinfatuation.

Child -- Charlotte 
Dateline of photo -- December 2007
Her age -- 2 years, 2 months

When Charlotte was a baby, we'd always find her sleeping in awkward positions and places. This was one of them. But, she was perfectly content.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What I Learned This Week: A Bunch of Nothing


 It really amazes me sometimes what I learn within a given week. Mainly its off-the-wall, craziness. Sometimes, it's actually something truly valuable. So, here we go for this week:

  • I learned that 6 kids + 12 ice cream cups = someone getting more/less than the others. I swore when I bought this product that 12 ice cream cups divided by 6 kids = 2 cups a piece. Apparently my math is rusty. It didn't work out that way.
  • I learned that some people just shouldn't have positions of power. And, yes, this is one of the gems that I believe to be important. You know the type. "Oh, I am so special and deserve to be treated as such." "Oh, I deserve to only be at the top and no where else." Yet, they really truly have no clue on God's green earth how to perform their job at that level. I really could go on and on about this. But, I'll spare you. This time.
  • I learned its time to clean your laptop screen when you can't tell if it's a speck of dirt or a lowercase i. Ooops....
  • I learned that planning a one day trip to Ellis Island and Liberty Island in New York takes 4 months of preparation.
  • Now, this one is very important. I learned that when I open an email in my Gmail App, it saves the pictures to my memory card in my phone. Now, why is this important? Because, this is information you need to know when you hand your phone over to your husband so he can view the photos you took of the kids. Since, you're gonna have to explain who the picture of the strange guy is that got saved from a friend's email.
  • Sometimes, it's just best to leave well enough alone. There is no need to re-live, re-hash and spend time wondering about things that just belong in the past. It only equals pain in the end.
  • I have learned that I can easily plan and write a blog post... only not for the current day!
Now, hop on over to From Inmates to Playdates and see what other things people have learned!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Music Monday: Song that Makes Me Happy

This one has been really tough for me. I love music. A lot. But yet, I couldn't come up with one single song that made me happy! I mean, how does someone who likes music not know of at least one? Maybe my version of happy didn't equal the world's version of happy?

Finally, after searching my music folders and listening to endless hours of Pandora radio, I decided that this song made me happy.

It involves two of my most favorite things in the world: New Orleans and the Saints.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Happy List 6/25/11


It makes me HAPPY that the 6th movie in the Fast and the Furious series will be out in May 2013 cause looking at Vin Diesel makes me HAPPY. {Shhhh.....}
Image Credit: Jaimie Trueblood

It makes me HAPPY that Vin Diesel is getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Because, in case you didn't know, anything about Vin Diesel makes me HAPPY.
Can we say "Road trip to Hollywood" in the future.

Where was I? Oh yeah, my happy list...

Well, these 6 for the most part make me HAPPY.
My six Daughters

And this little guy, he is always doing something goofy to make me laugh which makes me HAPPY
My son

It makes me HAPPY when my kids all get along. Oh, wait that hasn't happened in reality yet. Well, the DREAM of it happening makes me HAPPY!

Well something else made me HAPPY this past week, but hey, a girl's gotta have her secrets! ;-)

So, what made YOU happy this week?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Confessionals 6/24/11


    that my appointment to enroll in classes for Fall 2011 isn't until July 5th. And I'm already obsessing over it!

    that while typing the above confession, I stopped to browse the online course catalog. And wrote down the 1st round of classes before I change my mind again classes I'll sign up for.

     that 3 of them are taught by my favorite professor from the Spring semester. And I selected that particular section because of that fact.

     that I am so home sick for Louisiana that it literally hurts!

Which leads to I CONFESS....
     that I actually blocked 2 friends moving to Louisiana on my facebook just so I didn't have to hear their bragging about it. Call me a hater. I don't care. I just choose not to have it rubbed in my face that they get to be where I want to be so desperately.

What's your confessions this week?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

MY Decisions, Not YOURS!

I am a very passionate person. I believe very strongly in parental rights. Meaning, I believe a parent has the right to choose any legal method to parent.

So, it makes no difference to me if you breast feed or formula feed. Just as long as your baby is being fed.

It makes no difference to me if you use cloth diapers or disposable diapers.

It makes no difference to me if you circumcise or don't.

It makes no difference to me if you send your child to public, private, Montessori school or home school them yourself. Just as long as you are involved in their education and make sure they are getting the best possible.

It makes no difference to me if you co-sleep or put your baby in their own bed right away.

And {one of the most controversial of all}, it is not my place to order you to vaccinate your child or not.

My first child was born when I was 19. I listened to the world around me. I mean, they were all mothers. They knew what was best, right? As the years went on, even after my second was born, I started questioning what I was told. It was then I started to investigate my options. I realized that I had choices and not everyone's was going to be the same. I realized that just because someone else did something a certain way, didn't mean I had to.

Every time I was faced with a decision, I was came to from all sides. "This way is best." "That way is wrong." "This is what you are SUPPOSED to do." I learned to smile and say "Thank you for your opinion. After I complete my research on {said topic}, my husband and I will make the best decision for OUR family." Many of our decisions weren't the popular ones, but hey. It was our right to make that choice.

Now, don't take me as one of those people who throws my hands up when you're giving me your opinion on something. Because I'm not. I will listen to your well thought out statements. Just don't get mad at me if I don't agree with you. And by the same token, I'm not going to belittle you or call you a bad parent if you do something different than me. But, if you ask for my opinion, I'm going to tell it to you. I don't expect you to follow my every word and do as I do. But, don't get upset if my opinion differs.

Just because I believe one way doesn't mean I'm some crazed person who is out to form every mother to be like me. I don't view circumcision as mutilation just because I didn't circumcise my son. I don't view all public education as inadequate just because I home school my children. You have to realize that you can't make every mother make the same decisions you did. That, you see, takes away parental right to choose.

So, just a little reminder -- How to parent MY child(ren) is MY decision, not YOURS!

And now, I will get off my soapbox.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pick Up Lines, Insomnia, NKOTB, Twins and More!

This week I'm linking up with We Want to Know Wednesday hosted by Impulsive Addict, Janette, Mamarazzi and Seriously Shawn.

1.What is the best or worst pick up line you have ever been given?
      Is there a good pick up line? *shrug* How about "Can I take a picture of you, so I can show Santa just what I want for Christmas."? Or "I wish you were DSL so I could get high-speed access."? Then there's always, "I was blinded by your beauty so I'm going to need your name and number for insurance reasons."

2.What is your most and least favorite day of the week?
   I guess my most favorite day of the week would be Friday. You know since it is payday. When I actually have money. Because by Saturday the bills have taken it all. My least favorite day is Monday. {Whose isn't?}


3.How many hours of sleep do you require each night?
    Well, I would love to get like 8 a night. I mean, I would have so much energy the next day and could probably accomplish something productive. But, I only get like 3 a night. If I'm lucky. Really lucky.

4.Is there a song that takes you back in time? What song is it and what memory is it attached to?
    Sadly, Hangin Tough by NKOTB. I admit it. I was a New Kids on the Block stalker fan when I was like 11. This song takes me back there. Simple times. Stress free. Hmmm... Oh, to be 11 again and know what I know now.

5.What is your biggest guilty pleasure?
      5 Guys Burgers and Fries. Double bacon cheeseburger with grilled onions, grilled mushrooms and ketchup. Cajun fries. Once a week. Or else...

I am also linking up with Way Back When - esday with Twinfatuation.

Children -- Courtney and Cheyenne
Dateline of photo -- October 2007
Their age -- a couple of weeks
This was when the second set of twins were just a couple of weeks old. This is also a very rare photo because they are not close at all. I can officially tell you that not all twins are like 2 peas in a pod. My first set are thicker than thieves. This set, it depends on the day. Some days they like each other. Others they want nothing to do with each other.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Music Monday: My Least Favorite Song

Well, this one took a while to decide on. There are many, many songs I just utterly hate. But, this one is #1. Please, KimK, for the love of all that is decent - Don't sing anymore. Thanks!

Adapted from the 30 Day Song Challenge

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We Want To Know Wednesday and Way Back When - esday

This week I'm linking up with We Want to Know Wednesday hosted by Impulsive Addict, Janette, Mamarazzi and Seriously Shawn.

{1} You have been asked to give a 10 minute speech to teenage girls. What is it about?
      Eating disorders. I had one as a teen so I know what it's like. First hand. And the lasting effects 20 years later.

{2} Do you have a pet? Tell us about them. No pets? Why?
     No pets here. Please. I have 7 kids and a husband. I don't want or need for that matter ANYTHING else to take care of. Really. I don't. Oh, sure they beg. They want a dog, cat, bird, goldfish, hamster, chichilla, anything. All they gonna get is a pet rock. And if I find it on the floor, it's going in the trash!

{3} What is the biggest inconvenience about the place you’re currently living?
     Well, besides the fact that this isn't my home state, much less city and it's not even a stay that has a time limit to it {meaning we could be told tomorrow that we are going somewhere else. Hubby. Needs. A. Different. Job. Like. Yesterday.}, we are in a hotel. Family of 9 + hotel = HELP ME!

{4} What do you think is the single best decision you have made in your life so far?
      Well, it's definitely not letting hubby take this job! So, after having my kids {well, that depends on what day of the week it is}, I would say going back to college.

{5} What are the THREE "nevers" of your life? (things you would never do or have never done)
      I have never travelled out of this country.
      I have never sky-dived {but hope to one day}.
      I will never own a pet snake. {And I mean NEVER}

I am also linking up with Way Back When - esday with Twinfatuation.

Child -- Tina
Dateline of photo -- September 2005
Her age -- 7

You don't see these types of photos around my house since I home school them. This was one of the 2 years I sent her to public school.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rockin' The Bump... 2005 Style

I wasn't going to participate in this meme hosted by Shell at Things I Can't Say. At all. I really truly wasn't. You see, while I cherish my Baby Bumps {you know since they were actually my babies}, the only pregnancy I had pictures of my belly was pregnancy #3 -- the 1st set of twins. Why you ask? Well, pregnancy #1 I was 19 and well, to be honest, I didn't even own a camera! Never mind the fact that I didn't even know that belly pics were the "in thing". Pregnancy #2, I still didn't know that belly pics were the "in thing". Pregnancy #4 (twins part 2), I did take a couple of belly pics, but they are now missing! And Pregnancy #5, I had no desire to document my belly. So, here are 2 from my collection of belly pics of pregnancy #3:

Me at 16 weeks, when it was a cute bump. This was the only picture I had with my face in it. See my expression. Yeah, I was already uncomfortable. And to be honest with you, I had probably just taken some Demerol. I have horrendous migraines and Demerol was the only thing they could find to keep me out of pain while pregnant.

Me at 36 weeks. This was when it was a beach ball rather than a bump. The next day, the doctor finally induced me and I had the girls. You're probably lucky you can't see my face. I didn't have many nice faces during those last 6 weeks.

I have oodles of pics from this pregnancy from week 13 - week 36. Even the oh so flattering bare belly pics. Trust me, I won't blind you with those! So, hope you enjoyed my 2005 style bump. Now, hop on over to Shell's and check out every one else's!

30 Day Picture Challenge: Day 3

Day 03 - A picture of the cast from your favorite show.

I couldn't find a picture of the cast.

My favorite TV show, right now, is Treme. It airs on HBO on Sunday nights at 10 pm EST. We are currently in Season 2. {I confess, I own Season 1 on DVD already!}

Here is the synopsis of the show [from Wikipedia]:
An American television drama series created by David Simon and Eric Overmyer. It takes its name from Tremé, a neighborhood in the city of New Orleans. The series begins three months after Hurricane Katrina where the residents of New Orleans, including musicians, chefs, Mardi Gras Indians, and ordinary New Orleanians try to rebuild their lives, their homes and their unique culture in the aftermath of the 2005 hurricane.
Well, anyone who knows me knows that my heart and soul lives in New Orleans. That is my home. So, this show was automatically going to be one of my favorites. But, I never imagined it to be my #1 favorite. Like I said above, I own Season 1 and will own Season 2 when it comes out. {Oh, and will own this shirt:}

QOTW: True or False? Parenting Myths

I usually participate in QOTW over at Multiples.... and More! But, lately the questions either didn't apply to me or interest me. However, this week's was one I really liked. Parenting Myths. We've all heard them at some point. I have heard so many over the last 13 years, I could re-write the parenting myth book! But here is my absolute favorite:

It Gets Easier!
  Someone, please tell me when it gets easier? My oldest is 13 and I promise you, it has not gotten any easier! We went through the terrible 2's and 3's, frightful 4's and 5's, then the school age years, and pre-teen years and now we've hit the teens. Mind you I have 5 more after her following in the same pattern. I'm kinda now starting to think that someone with either A) No children or B) the {non-existent} perfect child came up with this myth. I sure haven't seen it!

As an inspiration from this QOTW, I will be {over time} writing about other parenting myths. Check back for those. In the meantime, what parenting myth is your favorite?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

30 Day Picture Challenge: Day 2

Day 02 - A picture of you and the person you have been close with for awhile.


This is me and my friend Tracy on my wedding day in 1999. She was my bridesmaid (and she did my hair). I have known her for about 20+ years now. I call her my 2nd mother.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

30 Day Picture Challenge: Day 1

For the next 30 days, I will be sharing a picture - either mine or a web photo - relating to a certain topic.

Day 01 - A picture of yourself with fifteen facts.


15 Facts About Me

1~ I was born July 28, 1978

2~ I am a 100% Leo.

3~ I have 6 daughters and 1 son.

4~ I am studying Psychology in college.

5~ I love New Orleans.

6~ Mardi Gras is my favorite holiday.

7~ My favorite foods are Italian, seafood and Cajun.

8~ I am stubborn when I believe strongly in something.

9~ I know more about football than most men would like to admit I know.

10~ I have been a Hornets fan since they were franchised in Charlotte.

11~ My favorite color is pink.

12~ I listen to all types of music.

13~ I'm a loyal friend until you betray me.

14~ I used to have 11 piercings. I want 9, maybe 10, back.

15~ I have 2 tattoos.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pour Your Heart Out: You're Not my Judge

I am a frequent follower of an "Will remain Nameless" blog. I usually like what they have to say. Until I read their newest post. They were referring to an overweight co-worker who enjoyed partaking in fast food. Simple enough, right? They saw someone overweight and didn't think they should eat fast food. But, here's my problem: When did it become our right to police other grown adult's food choices?

I'm going to be honest here.

I am not on the slender side at all. As a matter of fact, because of my weight and height I am considered obese. Although in my defense it is all in my ass.

And I do treat myself to a fast food cheeseburger once a week. So flippin' what? A) I don't need you to remind me that I am not skinny. I have tons of pictures to tell me that. And B) No stranger is going to tell me that just because I gained weight over the years that I am wrong for eating fast food. I dare you to try.

Maybe, if you got to know me you'd realize some things.

I do have 7 kids.

That includes 2 sets of twins.

And 3 pregnancies, 5 kids within the last 4 years.

2 of my pregnancies were deemed high risk where I was ORDERED by a MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL to sit/lay for anywhere from 15 - 30 weeks of a pregnancy.

You might also find that I was anorexic all through high school. Eating a lot is not a normal for me.

Guess what? I'm not an emotional eater either. I'm actually more of an emotional cleaner. {So, if I go on a mad woman binge of cleaning -- watch out!}

I also don't snack. I have an occasional piece of chocolate. Especially when it's "that time".

I also eat in moderation and 99% of the time it's home cooked.

But, let me also state that there was a time a few months ago that I ate out every day for 2 weeks.

And guess what? I LOST WEIGHT! To the point I had to buy new pants because the ones I had were falling off me!

So, if you see me in line ordering a cheeseburger. Double bacon at that. Don't assume I am fat because that is all I eat. I promise you it's not. Far from it.

Oh, and if you see me alone in a restaurant line ordering a 16 piece and an 8 piece chicken meal to go, DON'T ASSUME IT'S BECAUSE I INTEND TO GO HOME AND SCARF IT ALL DOWN MYSELF! I do have 9 mouths to feed each and every day. Just because I'm "fluffy", doesn't mean someone doesn't love me and we pledged our lives to each other and have a large family!

Get over yourself! BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT MY JUDGE!

*Just a brief reminder that I am pouring my heart out and please be respectful in your comments. ;)*

Linked up at Things I Can't Say

Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Weekly "Who Gives A Flip?"

My weekly "Who Gives A Flip?" goes to Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries.

Photo from People

Please explain to me exactly what she is famous for? Famous because her dad was best friend's with OJ Simpson? Famous because OJ is her godfather? Famous because someone sold her sex tape with Ray J? (Speaking of which, have you seen that??? Ummmm.... so not worth the time. Trust me!) Famous because she banged Reggie Bush for years? Famous because of her dysfunctional family hijinks? So, at what point in this am I supposed to care that her boyfriend of SIX MONTHS gave her a $2M, 20-karat ring? And exactly who is her new fiance? Kris Humphries? Of the New Jersey Nets? Who? Oh, him.... {I'm still shrugging. He wasn't on my list of prospects for Fantasy Basketball.} And he bought her a ring that cost how much? How much does he make any way? Oh, $3.2M a year. {hey, not a bad paycheck but...} You just spent over half of your yearly salary on a ring for a chick who bounces from man to man? Hmmmph... Your life I suppose....

Now, people are buzzing around saying this wedding will be America's rival to the Royal Wedding. Really? Seriously? Since when did the Jenners/Kardashians become America's royalty? Sorry, I care less about this wedding than I did the royal wedding. And I cared 0 about that one!

So, this week I say "Who gives a flip about the engagement of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pour Your Heart Out: You Left Your Kid WHERE???

There seems to be a major problem going on in America these days. People leaving kids in cars. For HOURS! Seriously. Google it. I mean I put "Child left in car" and came up with millions of pages. These are just the recent headlines: Teacher Arrested for Leaving Child in Car, Woman Jailed After Leaving Child In Car For 8 Hours, Father Arrested for Leaving Child in Hot Car to Play Video Games, and Police: Couple Leave Child in Hot Car Outside a Strip Club.

Ok, first off. I am a mom. I have 7 kids. I have never, ever, ever left a single one of them alone in a car. Not to run inside and visit a friend, not to attend a graduation ceremony, not to play video games and certainly not to enter a strip club. Seriously, what type of people are these? Two instances state the child was actually the GODCHILD of the suspect. I really don't give a flip. If I TRUST you with my child, then that best damn well be your number one priority. I don't give a crap if you just remembered you have to tell Sally Jo something, and after running in to tell her get to gossiping and forget about time. I don't care if you have to attend a graduation, I don't care if you have groceries in your car and I don't care if your Farmville crops need tending to. My child best be the first thing on your mind while in your care! If not, please don't get offended if I don't ask you to watch my most prized accomplishments! I'm sorry but none of those things are more important to me than my kid.

While I have several kids, my oldest IS a teen. If I need to leave them in the vehicle, A) She sits in the driver's seat, b) she knows how to keep the AC/heat at the proper temperature and c) she knows HOW to drive, HOW to call my cell phone and to drive to the closest cop she can find if in danger. This is a far cry from leaving my 3 year old alone with the vehicle off for hours! One of those kids in the above stories died. It was one of the "child was the godchild of the accused" stories. These parents trusted her with their child and now they have to go on without him? Oh, I don't care who you are. I will fight to have you convicted!

According to my research only fourteen states have laws that prohibit leaving children unattended in an automobile. They include California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, and Washington. Penalties for leaving children alone range from noncriminal traffic infractions to second-degree manslaughter charges if the child dies as a result from being left alone in the car. Only 14 states of 50 actually have laws? The rest leave it up to local law enforcement? Uh, NEGATIVE! If my child dies because of someone else, I will beat the living crap out of any law enforcement official who says they can't do anything! Hopefully my news station and research got this wrong! 

From the Department of GeoSciences at San Francisco State University:

  Only 19 states have laws specifically addressing leaving a child unattended in a vehicle.
  The remaining 31 states do not have laws specifically against leaving a child unattended in a vehicle
  Currently only 1 state, Utah, has proposed legislation that would make it a crime to leave a child unattended in a vehicle
  Another 14 states have had previously proposed unattended child laws
  An Associated Press (AP) study "Wide disparity exists in sentences for leaving kids to die in hot cars" examined both the frequency of prosecutions and length of sentences in hyperthermia deaths
       - Charges were files in 49% of all the deaths. 81% resulted in convictions.
       - In cases with paid caregivers (i.e., childcare workers, babysitters) 84% were charged and 96% convicted
       - Only 7% of the cases involved drugs or alcohol

So, what's my take? If there is something more important in your life than your child, please refrain from reproducing. If there is something more important in your life than the safety and well being of a child in your care, then please refrain from watching someone's.

I have been hearing these stories for years. Thankfully no child I know has ever been a victim of this. But, to hear people say "In their defense, maybe they had too much on their mind...". WHAT? Let me tell you something! My kids are the first and foremost thing on my mind 24/7! Whether they are with me or with someone else. I worry about them, I pray for their safety, I trust that they will be fine. In 13 years, I have never walked into my house or other building and suddenly remembered "Oooops. I left {name of child here} in the car." As a matter of fact, I am the parent who goes to get them out of the vehicle EVEN WHEN THEY AREN'T WITH ME! I'm sorry. Don't hand me this line of bull that you had too much on your mind. If you have that much on  your mind then seriously, no I don't think you should even be caring for a child at the moment.

Hate me for my opinion. Hate me because I am blunt about it. Makes no difference to me. I believe that a child should come first and that is just that. AND IT'S MY OPINION!!!!

*Just a brief reminder that I am pouring my heart out and please be respectful in your comments. ;)*

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June Goals

I have decided to try this and see how I get along. I am A) a major procrastinator, B) a person with MAJOR ADHD, C) a person with OCD tendencies and D) a master at lists. So, I am hoping to *try* and keep myself in check. I need some sort of order here!

Goals for THIS blog
~ Post at least 5 times a week
~ Post at least once a week that links to a Meme
~ Start thinking of a new blog design. I really hate the header but it was the best I could come up with on short notice.

Goals for my other blogs (check out my "Sister Blogs" Link above to find these other blogs)
~ Post at least once a week - twice a week in home school blog
~ Post at the least my weekly menu plans on my recipe/food blog
~ Post at least once a week to my saving money blog
~ Post at least once a week to my sports blog

Goals for Bayou Excellence Academy (our home school)
~ Stay on course with plans as much as possible
~ Document our activities better (for personal reasons; what I already do is enough for legal reasons)

Personal Goals
~ Eat better
~ Exercise more
~ Pick college classes for Fall and STICK TO THEM!

I'll post how I did on July 1st along with my July Goals!