Monday, January 31, 2011

They Eat What?

It's been a long time since I really updated this blog, much less participated in a Meme. So, I guess welcome back to me!

So, here is this week's question from Multiples and More:
What kinds of food do your children eat that surprises you?

I guess I would have some sort of weird story to tell you guys about my kids' choice in food. You know, since I have 7 of them. But, strangely I cannot think of one of the wall thing one of my children eats that would be a surprise. I mean they eat anything I give them. I guess it surprises me that my kids love their veggies. They will eat them before anything else. Fruits too. When we go to my in-law's they always ask for a banana before anything else. But, I remember hearing horror stories when I first got pregnant about how kids hate their veggies. It's a losing battle to get kids to eat them. But, amazingly I don't have that problem. They all love them. We eat mainly the basics - corn, peas, green beans, asparagus, peppers, carrots, broccoli, potatoes. I don't think I've ever cooked a Brussels sprout or cabbage or collards. But, they sure do gobble up the others. And salads. Good grief. These six girls would live off of salads if I'd let them.
But otherwise, I can't think of anything. I mean we lived in Louisiana for almost 2 years. Of course, they eat spicy food. I'm part Italian, so of course they eat that. But, I am just thankful that my kids didn't end being the ones that would throw temper tantrums to see a veggie on their plate.

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