Tuesday, October 5, 2010

For The Cause.....

I have had this post saved in my drafts since the beginning of July. I wanted to share a picture with it, but my kids didn't want me to share a picture yet. So, out of respect for their feelings, I held off. Finally... after 3 months, I am allowed to share the story and picture with the blog world.
I was always a Granddaddy's girl. I was the apple of my granddaddy's eye. That is until I had my oldest daughter, Crystina. Then she became Granddaddy's little girl. They were inseparable. In July 2004, we got the news that he had Pancreatic cancer. On September 13, 2004 - less than 2 moths later - he passed away at home surrounded by his family. Crystina's world was forever changed. My second daughter knew him but they weren't like he and Tina.
One day we were discussing cancer. We talked about remission and death. We discussed chemo and side effects. The girls, well the oldest 2, came up with donating their hair. Which they did. The 2005 twins did it as well, but more as a following gesture. They decided they wanted to shave it off as an association with chemo. I, hesitantly, agreed. They got a little self-conscious about it, but are pretty much over it now.
This picture was taken in August.
I also dug around and found a couple of pics to share.
This was my Granddaddy and Crystina in May 2000. Her birthday was the day after his which was just another bond between the two. This was after her second birthday party which we held at my grandparents' house.
This was a banner I made not long after he died. This was the last picture I took of him. He was sitting in "his" chair with Crystina and Carolyn.
The girls ask that if you feel inclined to please make a donation to your local Relay For Life or to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN). The girls will be making a donation in the spring to PanCAN in honor of their granddad.