Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday 13 Travel Edition: Random Signs


I am currently on an extended "vacation" to the East Coast (I live on the Gulf Coast). I travelled through 6 states and saw a lot. Sometimes, even more than I wanted to. So, here are 13 random signs I saw. Some were on vehicles as advertisements and some were billboards. Some I have pics of and some I only wish I had pics of.

1) The Best Place to Take A Leak
    ~ This was an advertisement on a truck for a radiator service in Louisiana. So, I must ask - "Exactly how many people have taken a leak ON your truck simply because your truck says it's the best place??" I am curious!!

2) You Can't Fix Stupid, but you can vote 'em out!
    ~ AMEN, Mississippi! Couldn't agree more!

3) Mississippi's Leading Distributor Choice for Lubricants
    ~ My gutter mind kicked in here for a moment. Sorry.....

4) Medical West Hospital has 24/7 ER (Alabama)
    ~ Really? Maybe its just me but I thought ER's were all 24/7? And it was Urgent Care centers that had hours?

5) Up to $1,000 fine for littering. (Georgia)
    ~ This was just funny at the time. I figured Georgia was $20,000 richer just from the litter AROUND the sign!

6) Leaving Fog Advisory Area.
    ~ Ok, Tennessee. So, it only gets foggy in that area? Really? Ok.

7) Athens Inn -- America Owned (Tennessee)
    ~ That's wonderful! However, the outside appearance of your hotel promotes 2 of America's greatest professions - prostitution and drugs! Sorry! (No, we didn't stay there. It was next to a gas station we stopped at)

8) Quality Inn has pet rooms (Tennessee)
    ~ I understand that this means that they allow pets. But, just seeing this billboard made me giggle. I wanted to call just to ask what pet rooms look like.

9) Cars Only Rest Stop (Virginia)
    ~ I realize this means no 18 wheelers or RVs. But, really. Some people may also believe this also means no pick up trucks, vans, SUVs. I mean you know the intellectual capacity of some people.

10) I love my Granddogs.
     ~ This was a bumper sticker on the back of a car in the mountains of VA. Upon passing the car, I noticed it was a sweet looking little old man. I wanted to wave and smile just because I thought it was sweet he had this sticker on his car. Then I remembered that this ain't Louisiana. And people aren't always friendly up here.

11) Knock 'Em Down and Call 'Em Shorty
     ~ Tree service in Virginia. And rather corny if you ask me! I just have this vision of this man standing in a yard screaming "How do you like me now, Shorty?!"

12) Snow Emergency Route (Maryland)
      ~ I am baffled! What if the snow is worse that way than the way you're leaving?

And for the lack of seeing another one (or remembering to write it down)....

13) Call us for our special sleeping room rates!
      ~ Quality Hotel in Houma, La. I guess they had this sign since they also have banquet rooms. But it just looked odd. I mean most people think of sleeping rooms in a hotel before banquet rooms. I'm just sayin'.........

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