Monday, August 16, 2010

ROAD TRIP! And I Wanna Go Home!

The above title was my tweet on 8/11/10. Wednesday morning, we began the long drive from Southern Louisiana to the mountains of Virginia (then off to Maryland Thursday afternoon). I cried driving down my road. I cried when I passed the SuperDome. I cried when I crossed the Louisiana/Mississippi border. Why? Because Louisiana is HOME! I may have been born in Virginia. I may have been raised in Virginia. But, my heart is in Louisiana. In my heart, Louisiana is my home, not Virginia. Sadly, I get criticized for that feeling. But, I'm sorry. How can I consider a place home where I  have never been welcomed. I am always looked down on. I am always put down. So, yes, Louisiana is home to me.

I had once heard that Louisiana was like a drug. Once it gets in your system, its hard to get out. Louisiana got me the moment I set foot there. She owns me; I am one of her babies now. I have been gone for 24 hours (when I wrote this) and I miss my bayous. I miss hearing all about my Saints; Redskins talk just isn't the same! Where's my Louisiana accents? Where's my Louisiana jargon? Where's my Louisiana hospitality? I want to go home so badly!

I had convinced myself that this was just an extended vacation and that worked - until I drove out of Louisiana. I know that this trip will be educational for the kids. Between all there is to do in Maryland, DC, and NorVA, they will always have something to do and will always have something to learn. And I know its just a matter of time before I am back home in the place I love so dearly.

I must admit that Connor was the most behaved child on the way here. The other 6 bickered  and fought and screamed "I want....", "I'm thirsty!", "I'm hungry!" the whole way. Even 5 minutes after eating they were screaming for more food. Tiring! And it makes for a long trip!

Here are some pics of the mountains of NorVA. I really hate the mountains, but yet I always take pictures of them. I say its to remind myself of exactly what I hate.


And my poor little bayou baby is just like me. He hates the mountains. No worries about him becoming a mountain baby. He will always be my bayou baby boy.

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