Sunday, August 1, 2010

QOTW: Photo Organization

As we all know, parents these days take a lot of pictures of their kids- and having multiples means having two, three, or four times the photos to store or and organize. Our photos are precious memories, and it may just be a good time to get things organized before a hard drive tragedy strikes!

How do you store and organize your photos? (Digital, and physical?)

■Do you save only on your computer, or do you use an online photosharing site?
I have my digital pictures saved on my external flash drive. They are all in dated folders so I'll know when they were taken. I also have some on my sites such as facebook and myspace as well as on photosharing sites. My physical pictures are just thrown into a box.

■If so, which one do you use? What do you like about it?
I use fotki and photobucket. I use photobucket mainly for my blog since it has the html code. I use fotki to share pictures using a link that visitors view. I like that both have privacy settings (although fotki's privacy settings are just for paid users).

■Do you have physical albums of your photos, or do they only exist online?
Only online. I really want to get my stuff together and get my photos printed and into albums.

■Do you scrapbook?
No. I wanted to when it first became popular. But, now with 7 kids, I'd never get caught up! I had actually decided to make CDs for each of the kids with their personal pictures as well as family photos on it. That way they would always have them and could do what they wanted with them.
But, please, if any of you have any ideas on how to keep physical photos organized besides photo albums, let me know! I have a feeling I'll have pictures all printed off  before I have albums to put them in.
Let's play a little game- Since today is 8-1, Go to your eighth album in your "Pictures" files, and post the first picture in it on your blog.


This was Connor in the NICU on the day he was born. This was my first time seeing him since they took him out of the OR.
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Rach said...

all of my photos are saved on my hard drive, but i put some albums on my online gallery on my own website and some on facebook. i don't scrapbook as such, but use Imikimi to post some pics on my blog

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I love all your kids' names. And one of my twins is also called Connor :)

I don't scrapbook, I only print if I have frames to fill! But I do back up every month (did a big back up last night actually).